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Sadly, because of the "No Child Let Behind" theory in the public schools of America, I find it quite necessary to publish this political cartoon by Gorrell. I strongly support the war in Iraq, but the theory Laura Bush encouraged her husband to push through the public schools is ridiculous. All children/people are not the same. God created us all differently, and what works for one will not necessarily work for another! As a teacher I am here to tell you, this "No Child Left Behind" is garbage! So in that way, as well as on immigration, Mr. Bush definitely left his conservative values far behind!

I saw this on Susie's blog. I got this rating because the word "murder" appeared twice! Oh, well, this blogging is murder! ;>)

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Hope your day is good...ours is. It's even sunny...but another storm approaches from the west. 50% chance of rain for the foreseeable future.

Blessings to you all.


PEA said…
I also got a G rating because the word "breast" appears once on my blog...referring to a recipe asking for chicken breasts! lol Too funny! Oh dear, those videos certainly do show how much the rivers are overflowing and flooding areas!! I do hope everyone can stay safe!! xoxo
Dawn said…
I have been wondering today about you and all the Texas blogging friends. I hope you all dry out pretty soon - too bad you can't send some to places that need it so badly.

My brother in Oklahoma is getting pretty tired of it, too.
Anonymous said…
I personally feel that my grandson is being "left behind". He has learning disabilities and every year we have to fight to get him any help. His school says he doesn't have any learning disablities even though they end up putting him in special classes every year. Then at some point close to the end of the schoo year they will say he no longer needs help and take him out. Then we have to go through it all the next year when he is not up to grade level.
Susie said…
As I visit from blog to blog, the weather is a common theme. Too much rain or not enough...
I was laughing at Pea's rating because of the chicken breasts. I think your blog is completely "G"
(and thanks for the linky love!)
smilnsigh said…
It's only common sense that we are all different.

So much today, is being propelled by Political Correctness.

And believe me, this issue is not the only one, in which _I_ have been 'left behind,' by.... this Administration.

Susie Q said…
My best buddy is a fifth grade teacher and agrees with you whole heartedly. : )


I do so hope you get a break of dry weather soon...we have been so dry but it did rain today a bit.

My blog got a PG rating...I had used the word *torture* I went back and found that I had written, "Waiting on this film to arrive in the theaters has been torture for poor me!"

Oh least I did not get an NC 17!!

Stay well dear Sioux!!


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