Busy Day at the Ranch!

Joey, our second grandson and our high school graduate.
Joey and the family
Joey and the family at our family dinner to celebrate his graduation.

Joey and Coley are off to Project Graduation...they have graduated!!
Bethy with Michael Martin Murphy. All the photos and videos below were taken at the Dempsey Heliport for Palo Pinto County's sesquicentennial. Dale Marsh performed, too. Wish we could have heard the whole concert...we hear it was great!
Bethy and Papa
Bethy and Jimmy B (Baldwin).
Rafael and Denny, Dale Marsh, Jimmy Baldwin opened for Michael Michael Murphy. We would love to have stayed, but Joey graduated tonight. We are so proud of him!

Hope you enjoy our photos and movies...and soon I will continue the Culture Series.


Susie Q said…
A wonderful time, a wonderful celebration!

How special this has all been...thank you for sharing it all with us Sioux!

Happy times, sweet memories. I know you loved it all.

PEA said…
Congratulations to Joey!! Such an accomplishment to graduate! I so enjoyed all the photos and videos...such a special get together:-) I just LOVE your new header and background!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend:-) xox
Tinker said…
Congratulations to your grandson, Sioux! What a happy occasion, with much to celebrate. XOXO
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
congratulation with grason Joey. Such an extraordinary nice and goodlooking boy.
may God bless andd protect him always.
Thank you also for praying for my family, you'll never know how much it meant. We felt embraced by the good God aall the time, and we shall still need Him to some sunny day meet my father again.
From Felisol
That looks like a wonderful celebration. What fun and such happiness!
Pam Aries said…
Love the new look of your blog! oui !!! You have been a busy gal! Congrats on the graduating grandson! He's a cutie! Hope you are doing well!
Toni said…
My Sioux you have been busy.
thanks for letting me know that your daughter likes the leaf.

tell your grandson Congratulations and what a fine step he is taking joining the Marines.

Bless you and your family
Susie said…
Great photos and congratulations to Joey!
Love your new look..Did you change your name too when I wasn't paying attention???
Just Mom said…
Wow. You have been busy! I'm going to have to play catch-up here and read your past posts.

Congratulations to Joey.
smilnsigh said…
Great entry. Congratulation to Joey! Who's soon to be a Marine. At least I think I remember this correctly.

Gemma said…
Love the look of your blog....very pretty.Great photos. Congrats to the graduate.
Kai said…
what a lovely post, it was great to listen to the video clips and get a feel for your life there..
thanks for sharing sioux,
Peace, Kai. xx

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