Carolyn's Birthday and the new camper + cat photos

As most of you know, Thursday was Carolyn's 40th birthday. Her older sister, Kat, and her kids came, as John, Joey, and Bethy had planned to take Carolyn out to dinner. We ate at Shotguns', a barbecue cafe in Mineral Wells. There were 10 of us, including Kat, Dani, Tim, Raf, me, Carolyn, John, Arsi, Joey, and Bethy. We got Carolyn an iPod Shuffle, Kat got her a bunch of books, lotion, and bath water. After the meal, we all went back to our house, and we showed the kids the new below.

We went back in the house to rest after the party...before leaving for Brownsville the next day. Jake (black and white) and Turtle helped us rest...we love the way Turtle was lying.

Raf went bay fishing with Bob this morning. I will post the photos tomorrow. Raf caught a 28" red fish...the biggest fish caught today.


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