rmmga DFW Gathering #13, 2013

This was part of our 36th anniversary celebration.  Each year rmmga, rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic, meets in various places around the globe.  This is in Glen Rose, Texas, at the Oak Dale Campground which is older than I am!  The next gathering will be in Wimberley, Texas, in October.

  Clare Bjorkman and Sue Risner
 John Bjorkman, Marci Harden, Stan Milam, Tom Risner
 Marci and Stan
 Tom and Raf
 John, Tom, and Raf
 Inside the Hangout getting ready for the song circle
 Betty Bailey Moss whom I have known since second grade
 Song Circle begins
 Song Circle
Raf, John, and Marci


Felisol said…
Ah! This must have been a great event. Wish I was there.
So friendly and harmonic. Musicians are the greatest magicians, able to make the world a better place and lift the spirit over the everyday grey.

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