And Another

This has been a week! Yesterday I told you my blood pressure was up. Today it was up over 212. Went immediately to my doctor who saw me immediately and gave me Clonidine...a rescue med. I took two, and an hour later I took another. It's down, but not where it should be. I am taking two other regular meds. We can't figure what happened, but he will monitor me, and if I have to be taking Clonidine by Monday, we will just readjust regular meds.

I did draw a cat today, but I'm not going to scan it until tomorrow.


Susie said…
Hope this latest new med does the trick.
Sending prayers your way..
Toni said…
Hope you start feeling better soon.
Your cats are looking great!
Sheila said…
Put your feet up, and do as the doc says. Hope things are soon back to normal.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
My goodness, what a scare! Rest, and rest assured, prayers are being lifted up on your behalf.
judie said…
Sioux!!! That is very alarming! Do you think maybe all the worry about your kids is contributing? You have to let that go...for your own health. I did. I journaled it with art and it worked, I swear! Please look at your 1/10 post and do what this kitty is doing. Your health is the most important thing going for you...without it you have nothing. So take good care of it! Eat right, try to exercise a little (even sitting exercise will help) and DON'T WORRY about things! I know, I know, easier said than done. But try. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Gemma said…
Souix...You've had alot of stress lately...hope the meds and less stress will help!!!

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