January 1 -- drawings

Judie in Florida, one of my Glitter Sisters, challenged me to begin today...as my resolutions suggested, and make ATC's for trade. So, I drew two ATC's, one from lesson 2 of Kate's drawing and sketching class and one, a McCaw, because Judie is known as JudieMcCawHead. These two will be winging their way to Florida as soon as our post office is open again...guess that's Wednesday.

Lin, again, thanks for the encouragement, too.

One Deep Breath, the Haiku page, has moved to: http://onebreathpoetry.blogspot.com/ Their challenge this week is "New Year, the Poetry". So here is mine:

A time to begin
Old things turn now forgotten
Hope and joy spring forth


Lin said…
Terri /Tinker said…
Great ATC's Sioux - really love that Macaw!
A glittering, creative, happy and healthy New Year to you and yours!
Teri C said…
Sioux, this is a wondeful drawing and so good to see you sketching again!!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones
Sheila said…
Good stuff Sioux!
Day one of 2007, and look how creative you are...I'm impressed..!
Kai said…
Thankyou for being a wonderful inspiring person sioux!!
HAve a happy new year!!
Peace, Kai
Tammy said…
I liked your old picture but the new picture in your profile is great! You look like such a sweet lady!!
I got an ATC from Rosa for Christmas...I may look into making one...ya never know with me...
Happy New Year!!
Pam Aries said…
What a gorgeous Parrot! J. will love it! I am home today and I plan to make some art. I have ATCs to create for a swap. Happy new year Girlie!
Gemma said…
Happy New Year Souix.....love the atc's and the Haiku.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Happy New year to you too!!

Yes.. cats ARE very important to us.
We only have one though. If I would let him, my husband would own a dozen at least!!!

This kitty, "Lucy" though, is a cat that belonged to a blogging friend of mine, Flip Flop who had the sad experience of losing her a month ago and just in the last few days found her in the neighbor's yard where she had died,
I made this little picture up for Sandy and found the lovely poem about the cat on the internet.

Now I will have to read your blog and see how much you love cats!!
Take care and come back again...from Terry

You are in Florida and it must be warm but would you believe it Sioux, it is in the 50's here in cold Niagara Falls Canada today!! We should have a couple of feet of snow on the ground at least and the temperature should be in the low teens, but I am not complaining..
Janet said…
Love the drawings! I've never made an ATC but I like yours.
Thanks for stopping by. I love it when new people stop by my humble blog. I stopped to see you cats like you asked. Your Gus looks like my late Sammy. I had Sammy for a little while until some silly people decided to rob our house and let him out. I tried and tried to find him and never did. Now I have again lost Lucy but I know what happened to her. She is buried now in our back yard!! How sad to lose a dear pet. Again thanks for stopping by and do come back again. Sandy You are quite a good drawer too!!
Gail said…
ykleojHello and Happy New Year, You left a comment on my blog and I wanted to check out your site. I love your ambition and goals for the new year, I pray God bless you with the time and energy to do them all, please visit me agin and I will be back here to see your great drawings.
Gail said…
I have no idea what those letters at the beginning of my comment are?Can you tell I'm new at blogging ?

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