New Blog...same day...Drawing

This is Turtle sleeping on the futon. I used sepia pen and colored Turtle with colored pencil.


Terry said…
Just to think Sioux..A month ago, you didn't even know the guy and here is fallen asleep on your comfortable futon after reading the comics.

Are the other cats jealous or is the old dog?

Have a nice weekend my new American friend!...Love Terry
Sheila said…
I love that the cat is shown in all her tortoiseshell coloured beauty and the rest of your picture is left as a pencil drawing.
Lisa said…

Your studio is so great. Raf did a good job of helping you straighten it up. It looks really nice. I'm green. :)
altermyworld said…
your art rooms looks greeat, i am in the middle of redoing mine, my next project making curtains. OY!
i love that you are showing more of your art, keep it up!! I did receive my awesome GPS starfish. It is bootieful. :)
thank you
Tammy said…
Kitties do a lot of sleeping don't they, I swear Clarence is making me!!
Teri C said…
Gee siou, you sure have captured the catness of sleeping and the tortoise coloring is great!

I am so jealous of your studio!
Susie said…
That Turtle is a sleepy guy, but then what cat isn't!
Love the drawing!

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