Busy Day

I'll add graphics to the next blog. I have drawn today...but not scanned, and photographed but not downloaded.

We ate breakfast at Jody's. We went to Epiphany service this morning at Holy Spirit in Graham and then saw Christi and Brian's house they are building. Got Blizzards at Dairy Queen, and came home to rest.

Went to Altar Guild Epiphany party.

Now at home watching The Last of the Summer Wine and writing emails regarding Raf singing next Saturday....MORE LATER!!


Sheila said…
Souns like a fun day. Last of the Summer Wine...I love that you watch that.
Isn't it silly. Nora Batty rules...!
Susan said…
Your days sounds so fabulous - a little bit of fun, some worship, some friendship - who could ask for more?

I liked the drawing of Turtle sleeping on the sofa!
Terri /Tinker said…
I'm glad you're having a good day - Sounds like a happy, peaceful Sunday.

Loved your picture of "Turtle" on the sofa - too cute! My cats love newspapers, too.
Kai said…
I love the TV show, last of the summer wine!!
Turtle looks so comfy on the couch, it's a lovely sketch of your kitty Sioux!!
Peace, Kai.
lila said…
Sioux, I love "Last of the Summer
Wine," too. I have watched them for years...

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