Good Evening...Wonderful Service

Considering we had icy roads, H2Jo had about 30 people in attendance last night for Raf's performance. This building is way over 100 years old, and Amy and Ninfa provide a really nice venue for their patrons.

Raf sang original compositions, folk, country, and standards.

Between sets, our grandson, Joey, played some of his original music.Today we were honored with the presence of The Right Reverend Jack Iker, Bishop of the Fort Wort Diocese. This man is a great leader of faithful Christians of the Anglican faith. With Bishop Iker is our rector, Father John Phelps.
We are having a tiny bit of snow, ice pellets, sleet, and a change of thunder! Roads aren't really slick here, but all around us it's a mess.

God bless you all on the holy Sunday.


Terry said…
Hello Sioux...Oh I just wish I could of heard them. It sounded like it was really good!

We had icy rain too today and the roads were kind of slippery.
The rain has taken all of the snow away...
I think by night the roads will be a real ice rink but we will still be going out to gopsel meeting if they aren't too bad.
I really don't like to see it too icy.
I am always afraid for the elderly people that they will fall.
I will have to keep an eye on my mother.
She just started using a cane a couple of months ago.
She didn't really want to give in and use one, but I think it is the safest way to go for her, so now she has gotten used to it and doesn't mind so much.

Such a cute grandson you have!!

God bless you too Sioux and I hope that you have a good week with low blood pressure....Love Terry
Tinker said…
Hi, Sioux - I'm trying to get caught up on everyone's blogs - I'm glad Raf's gig went well, despite the icy weather. That is so cool, that your grandson performed, too. I just scrolled through and saw all your neat cat drawings - what fun! I have a hard time getting my cats to sit still long enough in one pose to draw them.
Hope you're continuing to feel better and all's well with your blood pressure, and that you have a great week!
Tammy said…
My Hubby would have loved to be there to hear the guitar music...he is just learning to play one and enjoys all such..
Sheila said…
That was a family event all round, sounds very good. The weather here has finally become wintry, with snow and freezing rain. I guess it had to come, but I don't have to like it..!
mrsnesbitt said…
Oh wow, so fantastic!
Such a lovely welcome to all!

Love it Sioux, what a girl!

Susie said…
Blessings on this Sunday to you as well.
Hope you're feeling better each day and staying warm, cozy and safe!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I hope you continue to feel better and better. I'm happy you had an enjoyable weekend; glad someone is getting winter... not here!
I so wish we could hear an audio of Raf's music. How wonderful your grandson was able to play as well. Be careful out in that icy weather!!

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