Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Suzanne Sparks Painting

This is the painting Raf got me for Christmas. Isn't it beautiful? It was painted by Suzanne Sparks of Fort Worth, Texas. We saw it in the 4 Star Coffee Bar on 7th Street in Fort Worth in the cultural district. It took Raf a lot of phoning, making appointments secretly while I had my surgery, etc., to get hold of Ms. Sparks to purchase this. I love it. It's going in our yellow and black kitchen (Louise suggested the placement, and it's just right!).


Pirk said...

What a beautiful painting! Your kitchen is going to have a nice conversation piece.

Thank You for posting on my blog.

Lin said...

It's AWESOME! So bright and rich and vivid!

Teri C said...

Gorgeous flowers! Your Raf is the best!!

Tammy said...

a very pretty painting as is the one she is holding in the picture!
I like a sneaky hubby as long as they are sneaky in a good way as yours!!

Susie said...

That will be such a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. The colors are amazing!

AnnieElf said...

What a pretty picture and a b/w kitchen sounds like the perfect placement. Nice DH and sneaky too.

Janet said...

Love the vibrant colors of this painting! Putting it in your kitchen should insure bright, cheerful mornings. Who could wake up, look at those beautiful blooms and not be happy!


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