Today the blood pressure is down some today...it has been running between 160 and 140. Right now Raf just took it, and it's 152/85. I'll wait and take my regular Toprol at 8:30, and tomorrow I'll take my second Lotrel. I have taken 3 Clonidine today.

Here is some information our new doctor, who has been an emergency room doctor for several years, told us. When you take your blood pressure, either at home or in a store, do it three times. Throw out the first one and average the second two. The first one is nearly always wrong.

So, today I tried to chill...I am not good at that! Also, I am not patient, at all. I'm driving Raf up the wall, and he is being so good to me. I did go with him down toward Stephenville to meet John half way to take him one of his last two textbooks. The other should be here tomorrow, so we will either meet him again, or, if I am feeling better than today, we will go all the way down...42 miles...and take him out to eat. Even as a college junior, I think he doesn't eat as well as he might. He still has a 3.8 grade point...we are sooooo proud of him. He is an office of his high power rifle team...they shoot against the military and are the only such collegiate team in the country.

I am still drawing, just not scanning. I'll scan them all at once.

In a few minutes we are going to watch The Devil Wears Prada on pay per view. Many something funny will help.

Oh, Teri Casper of Tucson recommended The Artist's Muse by Betsy Dillard Stroud. It came today and looks wonderful. I'll tell you more later!!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, love, hugs, good thoughts. You, my friends, are so good to me. Thank you...and ((((HUGS)))) and XOXOXO to you all.


Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear you are still having problems with your BP. It took them about 3 months to get DH on meds that worked for him. His is still higher than I think it should be but his Dr is happy with it. Love, Hugs and Blessings.
Kai said…
Meryl won a golden globe so the movie should be excellent!!
I hope your better soon..
PEace n blessings, Kai
Oh Sioux...I hope you don't worry too much about the bp...it will right itself. It sounds like you are trying to take care of yourself. So you are bound to go a little crazy, Raf is a good man to stand by his woman!!!
It is hard to do anything when you don't feel good. xo I wish you well and soon xoxoxo
Susie said…
I am reading The Devil Wears Prada..
Did you read the book?
I want to see the movie too, but after I finish the book.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Hang in there, you're doing great and it sounds as though things are working themselves out! I have never heard that about bp readings before... (throw out the 1st and average the other two!) I'll keep it in mind. Peace.
Gemma said…
Wishing you a peaceful day....That BP can reak havoc....but I know there are solutions out there. Hope it comes your way soon!
Tinker said…
They say laughter is the best medicine - hope you're feeling better soon, Sioux!
Tammy said…
I hope your B/P problem is soon a thing of the past...sounds like you are on the right track...comedy, a good laugh, guaranteed to help your outlook!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad your blood pressure is coming down.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...I am so glad that it is down..
You husband is a prince. He doesn't mind because he knows how you feel!
Whenever I am not feeling good, I sort of give Bernie a hard time and he lets me get away with it!!

Blessings on you dear friend...Love Terry

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