Cat with turned back--Lesson 2

This was part of lesson 2 in Kate's Drawing and Sketching. I really running late in the course, but it's better than not at all! After I scanned it, I colored it with colored pencils so that it is a brown and orange tabby.


Tammy said…
color him gray and he would look like Clarence right about now...we are having a bout because he does not want me to blog at this time...argggggg!!!
Sheila said…
I love cats, you have captured this one perfectly.
I'm glad you are drawing again Sioux...xx
mrsnesbitt said…
Agree with Sheila!

Amazing, you have captured the attitude...........amazing!

Lisa said…
Wow, this is really excellent! Raf did a good job getting you that painting, too. It's really beautiful, plus all the effort makes it even that much better.
Kai said…
i love the symetery and stance youve captured!! lovely picture Ms Sioux!!

Peace, Kai
Janet said…
This looks so much like the attitude my LuLu displays! She is a very independent cat and only lets me pet her when it's convenient for her.
Heart of Rachel said…
Nice drawing. I've never had a pet cat before but I find them very sweet.
Tinker said…
I'm so behind, I'm catching up with all your posts - love the birdie and this cat! Your birthday painting present is gorgeous.
Sounds like you're getting off to a great start this New Year, Sioux!
Gail said…
I love cats, anyone that owns one has seen this pose a lot....can we say "catitude"? I also really like your birthday present and think it will be beautiful in a yellow & black room.
PEA said…
Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Sioux!! I'm so behind visiting everyone and I feel so badly that I missed so many of your catching up on them now though:-) Love the sketch you did of the cat, you have such talent!!! Hugs xox
Lin said…
GREAT JOB! I love this pose of cats --- and you've captured it beautifully!
Teri C said…
obsstSimple and adorable or simply adorable!
Imagine him with blue eyes and a ring tail like a coon, and you would have our Surly! *LOL*

The cold shoulder is all we see of him if we should happen to offend!
Terry said…
Hi Sioux...Now this picture has got my interest!

He looks just like my cat, my big black cat which I had for sixteen years!

One cold winter's day when the snow was piled about three feet outside our kitchen door, I heard him, "meow, meow!"
Upon opening the door, there he was, stuck on the top of the snow,trying to make his legs move, trying to make a get-away!
I took one look at his forlorn face, put my arms out and grabbed him right by the scruff of the neck, pulled him out of his white prison and said to him, "Your're here to stay!' Your name is "Sir Galahad"!"

Now that "Mrs House Mouse" might THINK this kitty looks like her "Surly" but I am making it clear to you Sioux, somehow you have painted the ghost of my
Sir Galahad!

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