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"There is nothing in the world more futile than the attempt to find out how a task should be done when one has not yet decided what the task is." Philosopher Alexander Meiklejohn said that, and now I'm relaying his advice to you. Please ignore it if you're having no trouble at all figuring out what you should do next. But if you are the least bit fuzzy about your future direction, spend some time in the coming days defining the precise nature of your short-term goals.

Lisa has this on her blog: Heart of the Nest.

Now, I think my goals on Jan. 1 were probably unrealistic. Here they are again, and I'm going to check the ones I think I can and have been doing:

1. Draw one thing each day...either a challenge, or from lessons, or on my own...√
2. Create one mixed media collage/ATC each week...or more...√
3. Work on a quilt each week...sometimes, but not weekly...did go to quilting club once
4. Plan what to make for Christmas gifts and begin...and finish...√
5. Participate in at least one swap per month...√
6. Participate more with my Glitter Sisters...√
7. Keep my studio clean and straight...straighten it NOW...√
8. Read at least 60 books in 2007...I've only read 2, am on my third...that's not enough to reach 60
9. Be nicer and kinder...realistic, but I am not near there yet
10. Slow down...well, the blood pressure has made this happen
11. Pray daily and read the Bible daily...I have tried, so far not every day
12. Become more involved in the church...√, even being ill I have been able to do this
13. Blog daily...√
14. Write something daily other than blog...start on that book again??...so far I've only written my 3 columns and one haiku...that's not enough
15. Walk every day, at least on the treadmill...I was doing this until the blood pressure acted up, and doctor said to wait until it's back down
16. Keep the house straight...ho hum...so much for that!!

So, I'll be working on all that! One way or another.

Today, the blood pressure was down...we took it every three hours, and I didn't have to take rescue meds today.

John came by as he's home from college. He wanted his photo taken with Sadie (age 13+). He was a little boy, age 7, when we got her at the rescue place in Graham, Texas. We had such a good visit, and he stayed until his Papa came home from the store, and we watched Jeapordy together. I am soooooo proud of him...3.8 and is a college junior...gee, I'm sure I haven't mentioned that before! HA!!
This first drawing is of SadCat...the way I felt yesterday when the BP was UP. I was really depressed, and as Terry can tell, I tend to burn all the candles at all the ends and feel really helpless when I have to sit!
Well, so much for SadCat...I hope he is behind me!! I read the second chapter in The Artist's Muse, and I tried the 1st challenge there. The first was an experiment with watercolor and flowers...interesting, especially the one when I drew flowers with water and the dropped paint (the first two).Then I set off on my own to paint the way I enjoy, this time with pencil and watercolor pencils on moleskine (the other one was moleskine, too) watercolor paper.
Well, it's almosst 11:30 pm, and I hear the sleet falling outside. Think we are in for another bout of freezing rain and snow....wow, strange for Texas!

And as Gail reminded me: Isaiah ch. 26 v. 3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.


See you guys tomorrow...have a good night and a wonderful weekend.


mrsnesbitt said…
What a lovely bearded Iris!
#10. I can relate to this. I have found that I rush through things: brushing my teeth, blow drying my hair, vacuuming etc. Even my sewing was pedal to the medal. What was I gaining? I have made a conscious effort to slow down. It's hard.
Sue said…
I love your drawings. You should have a check mark next to #9, you are sweet & kind, you've been leaving me comments that show me that.
smilnsigh said…
Just saw your comment in Dear Kelli's Blog 'There's No Place Like Home.' You mentioned having a "black thumb" and I had to come over and say... "Me too." -sigh- I've given up on inside plants, you have not. Good for you! :-)

You also mentioned sleet, and having just gone through an Ice Storm, that caught my eye. Hope all is still well, Sat. morning.

I also see that you too, are a "Lady of a Certain Age." But I have nearly 6 years on you! You *Youngin* you! :-)

I also see that we share BP checking, and trying to walk on our treadmills. Best of luck with getting the ding-dang BP down. Mine seems to react well to less stress. But! Hahhhhh! Doesn't everything?!? And how easy is it, to be calm, when we know we need to?!? -sigh- Best of luck, Dear.

Cat said…
HI Sioux. Good luck on your BP. I've been on meds for 20 years for mine, and even on meds it stays above ideal. I have found 1 glass of dark red wine each evening has helped to bring it lower. (I just have to be careful not to turn that into 2 or 3 or 4 glasses..)lol.

Love your art, the Iris is beautiful!

Having a list like yours would put a bit of stress on me...and my BP would rise!
Teri C said…
Sioux, that iris is absolutely GORGEUS!! I have also found that I will do the exercises and then do what I want and it always seems to turn out better too. Must open our mind up.
Sheila said…
The iris is wonderful. Very real.
Sioux~ I have always been told that stroking a cat while sitting quietly, lowers your blood pressure significantly..stop drawing and start stroking..!!
hope you are well..xx
Kai said…
Go forth and be fruitful to thine labour Ms. sioux.. What a wonderful collection of visuals..
and indeed..love your quote..
**ho,hum, so much for that..**
to housework.. lol

Peace, kai
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I agree with Sheila... pet therapy could prove quite beneficial. I'd try the stroking...
Tammy said…
You are two books ahead of me in your reading!! You go girl!! I hope your b/p comes down to normal real soon...you stay safe in that weather now!!
Gemma said…
Great art and smart handsome son
life IS good!!!

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