I Didn't Blog Yesterday

Nope, I didn't blog yesterday, and I can't even tell you why. I did draw...just haven't scanned. And today I finished embroidering on the quilt...so I will hopefully pin it Monday and begin quilting. I did make 3 ATC's for Glitter Sisters today, too. AND .....

I used the treadmill for the first time 3 weeks, or since the blood pressure when through the roof.

Tonight we are going to Louise and Jim's for supper...and Barney and Margaret are coming, too, so I guess I'd better get ready.

Tomorrow is our parish meeting...Tom Basham is coming to visit...and we're going to Graham as Kathi and kids are to be there.............so.

That's all for now, folks.


Sheila said…
Have fun Sioux..and remember to rest...!
Tammy said…
Gal...please be careful with that blood pressure!!
Susie Q said…
Have a fun weekend Sioux! Nice plans!
Rest and be good to YOU. I suffer from high BP too...: (
I love you blog and your drawings and writings. I have bookmarked for many happy returns!
Stay well...
Good for you using the treadmill but just remember.....tread lightly!
Terri /Tinker said…
Hope you're having a great weekend, Sioux - enjoy!
Sheila said…
Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned, Sioux! I was thinking about possibly getting a treadmill too. We have a newly finished basement with lots of room for one now.
Take care of yourself, and have a good Sunday!
Kai said…
I feel like a mother hen.. lol..
It's ok not to blog, we just worry about you when you dont.. :) ((hugs)) and take care of yourself.. Care, rest and love..
PEace Kai.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...Yesterday when I was at work Bernie read your comments on my blog to me over the phone. Thanks so much. They are so true.
Where anyone would say that there are several ways to heaven, they must be surely blind. The only one way is Jesus...You are so right!!...Love Terry
Rose said…
Oh no I hope that you're doing ok. Would love to see the quilt.

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