Tom Basham Came to Visit

What a nice day we had. Tom Basham from San Diego met us at church this morning. He's one of Raf's rmmga ( friends. Poor man had to sit through our annual parish meeting (Raf was elected delegate to the Diocesan Convention, and I was elected alternate; I was also elected to the Vestry).

After church (there was a finger-food dinner), we came back home, and Raf and Tom got out the guitars and played and sang while I typed up the minutes of the parish meeting.

Tom has wonderful memories of going to Possum Kingdom Lake with his grandfather and uncles when he was a child, so we drove out to PK so that he could see it again. It was a beautiful day, and we ate an early supper at Possum Hollow on the west side of the lake.
After supper Raf took a photo of Tom in front of the lake. We had a lovely drive home, the sky was blue and orange and the hills were misty, and then Tom headed back to Dallas where he is attending a convention.
Got back in time to watch The Royal Academy on PBS, about a 74-year-old artist who was fighting for acceptance by the Royal Academy of Art in England.


Susie said…
Sounds like it was a lovely day! It's always nice to see out of area friends, isn't it!
Andi said…
Congrats on the Vestry election... and good luck! I just finished a 3 year term ;-)
Sheila said…
You had a busy day Sioux!
It's always great to reconnect with old friends isn't it.
I hope we get to see that PBS program..I visited the Royal Academy in London many years ago, my High School Art teacher had work exhibited there in the 60's.
PEA said…
Hi Sioux...sounds like a wonderful day with a good friend! Love all the pictures...I would have loved to hear them play the guitar!! That must have been pleasant to listen to them while you were typing out the minutes:-) Thank you for your best wishes for a quick recovery from my cold...I'm just waiting for the Neo Citron to kick in before I get to bed! Hugs xox
Dawn said…
Thanks for stopping by to visit again. It is a small world to think that you dated the Nazarene pastor's son! What fun we'll have when we all get to heaven - we'll definitely have to have a blogger get-together. ;)
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...It looks like you had a real fun day!
I just bet that a day like that would put your blood pressure down!!

Did you see Sandy's new kitty. It is on her blog and it is a little darling!!....Love Terry

Give that other little darling, Turtle, a hug for me..
Susan said…
That sounds like a great day. I was just imagining you sitting there working while the men played music in the background, stopping to chat and remember past good times. It felt very peaceful, just as the pictures look.

BTW, we are still in Deming - leaving Thursday for Uvalde. The cold and wet kept us here - don't travel on wet or icy roads!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Comgratulations on the election!
smilnsigh said…
Oh! You too loved the old 'Victoria' magazines! {Re: your comment in my 'kindred spirits' entry}

Oh my husband would have loved to sit in on that guitar fest. He's not very proficient with playing but he tries. And he's built a beautiful guitar, from a kit. But added many of his own additions to it. Like inlays of mother of pearl and ebony and the like.

And made his own music stand, from his own design. Yes, he's a very goood woodworker! A life long hobby.

Terri /Tinker said…
Congratulations on the elections for you and Raf! Sounds like a good day all around.
krystyna said…
Hi Sioux!
I enjoyed your blog today and this interesting post. Thank you for sharing!
AnnieElf said…
Sounds like a wonderful day or business and meeting with old friends. I'll have to check out that PBS program.
Lisa said…
It sounds like such a nice day. I love the picture of them playing guitar. Your home looks so pretty and warm and inviting...calm. I also love the picture of the three of you at the table. Really nice.

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