It's going down

Well, today the blood pressure is about 150/ it's coming down. I have taken only one Clonidine today.

I drew these cats last night, and I will draw something more today, as I am feeling better. I think the first cat looks more like a fox...I drew it without looking at either a cat or a picture of a cat. The second has funny eyes. Eyes are hard!

I am trying to visit blogs...and I REALLY appreciate everyone's encouragement. Your thought and prayers are so appreciated.

I am hoping to go listen to Raf sing tomorrow night and go to church Sunday as the Bishop, Jack Iker, the bravest bishop in the Episcopal Church, will be celebrating Mass. I did make a new potato and green bean salad that is setting up in the fridge awaiting Sunday morning.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Happy to hear that the prayers are being answered... God is so GOOD! Take it easy and enjoy your weekend. The cats are super, reach around and pat yourself on the back... good job!
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...I am just on my way out the door again, but I wanted to see how you are doing. I have been thinking about your blood pressure and I am so glad that it is going down!
You are precious to a lot of people...You are special to me!!
I will come back and look at these lovely kitties that you have created later on this evening...Byee...Love Terry
Susie said…
Glad the BP dropped. I enjoy your kitty drawings! Take good care...
Tammy said…
I have high blood pressure controled by meds...of course it was only ever high when I was in the doc's office...white coat itis...I called it...but she insisted on the I humour!!
Take good care of yourself, my kitty sketching friend!!
Kai said…
I like the eyes on the bottom cat Sioux, it's captured the mischievious look cats have when they arnt sure if they can get away with things or
You've inspired me to try and get near sid to sketch him if he doesnt eat my pencil again.
I hope your improvment continues.. blessings!!
PEace, Kai
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...This is one pretty kittie. Don't you just love cats so much?!!
Bernie would have at least a dozen if I let him, I am telling you.
Something so nice about a guy that loves animals. They can be trusted!

That salad that you made for Sunday sounds so good. Do you have the recipe or is it a trade secret? Potatoes are so good no matter how you cook them!
And that salad will have such a good taste...all the flavors mingling in together! Yummy!!

Take care and have a beautiful weekend.
I have to work ten hours tomorrow..but will check in on you in the evening...Love Terry

Ha!! That Sid sounds like a real character!!Probably chews up the pencil and spits out the eraser!!
Brenda Y said…
So happy to hear your BP is coming down - AMEN!! Your kitties are just darling! I pray you get to church this weekend AND that you get to hear your hubby sing!
Gail said…
I have a young gray cat and her face is just like the drawing that you said looks more like a fox...I think they are very good. Glad the BP is coming down. BE BLESSED !

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