Weird Meme from Tinker

This post is a tag meme called Six Weird Things About Me. Tinker tagged me providing me, also, with fodder to procrastinate! I guess that's a symptom that going around a lot of us this December...anyway, here are my 6 things...if you haven't done this meme, and you would like to, please consider yourself tagged:

1. I do NOT like square Wendy's hamburgers. It just doesn't taste right, and I just won't eat it!
2. My father died when he was 48, and I lived in dread of my 48th year because I thought, since we were so close, I would die when I reached 48...well, I'll be 64 in less than a week, so I was WRONG, thank God.
3. I don't really think this is weird, but I feed the birds summer and winter and provide Texas that's really important. I have over 10 bird feeders in the back yard at present.
4. I go barefoot summer and's really not that cold in the winter, and I am just more comfortable in bare feet.
5. I read magazines and catalogs from the back to the front...always. I don't read books that way, would ruin the ending!
6. I am a nudist around the house a lot of the fact we both are, and so the kids always stop at the door to the house to ask if we are decent and to wait until we are!

OK...tag, you're it!! Tell me about YOU!!


tinker said…
Thanks for playing along, Sioux! Just so you know, the meatballs were ROUND, not square, so you could have eaten them - provided you like meatballs the size of baseballs!
Glad you made it past your 48th year - I'll be 49 in January, so that number kind of sprang out at me. A month to go...
I flip through magazines and catalogs starting at the back, too.
Though I'm often barefoot, I need my jammies on - unless I get a hotflash - then I'm flashing, lol (but only if we're the only ones home!)
Susan said…
I think #2 is a normal reaction of children who lose a parent early. I was 9 and my sister was 4 when my mother died at 45. Both of us, after my sister passed the age of 45, found out the other had worried about dying then, too. I was 59 today, so I guess I'll be okay. =)
Linda said…
Thanks for visiting. What an interesting meme. I like to take care of the birds too - although I only provide water. I love to watch them come and drink and bathe. Every once in a while we get a really unique one.
I enjoyed your blog!!
How amazing you look after the birds...I am impressed.
What a great lady you are.
As for square meat...I agree, that is too weird.
Sheila said…
Being a certified weird person myself, I can identify with #2 ! As a child I was afraid to go to sleep in case I died. I think it set me up for a life long sleep disorder. I would dream I could see a calendar, and the dates flying off and ending when I was 21. For years I thought that would be IT!
I'm now 57, so I guess I can relax a little. This all began because I once heard someone tell my parents they had put their dog to sleep, and I realized the dog had died.
I came to you via my daughter's blog...Blues Tranquility Base.
Kelli said…
Ooh..I'm the same way about square meat..yuck. I also enjoy the birds that come to my feeders. I just bought them some berry suet today. :0)

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