Friday, December 22, 2006

Well, today was just a getting rested before the onslaught. Jack will be here about 10 am for a short visit, and Mary Lynn will be in D/FW early in the afternoon. Think we'll eat at El Paseo tomorrow night.

John Holbrook of Ohio sent us a neat thing on cat color because of the Christmas Turtle's color. It's a pdf document, and I uploaded it to our website.



Tammy said…
that was very interesting...Clarence has a cross between brown and gold eyes...I love my Clarence...he is a sweet kitty!!
Shelley said…
Thank you for leaving the nice comment on my photos in my blog. Nice to meet you. I also live in Texas!

Merry Christmas!
Rosa said…
Love those kitties! Thank you for visiting me!! Merry Christmas.
Gemma said…
How very cute
Merry Christmas!
Susie said…
Such cute kitties!
Merry Christmas!

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