Jimmy Baldwin at H2JO

Tonight we are going to H2JO to hear Jimmy Baldwin, a new resident of Mineral Wells who has updated the Seybold Guest Ranch. Click on the title above to hear his music.

Here is his blurb on CDBaby:
Jimmy Baldwin's award-winning commercials for Motel 6 and his sun-tanned beach spots for Corona beer have become part of the American cultural landscape. With an independent music release, Jimmy turns his talents to singing and songwriting. "Above all else, I am a storyteller," says Baldwin, "let's say a musical novelist." Indeed, his stories capture the ebb and flow of timeless moments; whether it is a story of a starlit ghost in a midnight blue sky, adventurous brothers escaping Mexican Federales on horseback or a ganja girl swirling in a green and purple haze, Jimmy's music is the place of myths and legends.

The Jimmy sound is rooted in the Texas singer-songwriter tradition. His guitar is the needle that weaves the yarn through the fabric of lost memories and forgotten dreams. Born in Western Kentucky and raised in El Paso, Texas, his music reflects the familiar spirit of country music as it blends with the sounds he grew up on - Classic Country, Rock, border NorteƱa, and the spontaneous free-style of the Mariachi street musicians in Juarez. The Jimmy sound transcends the country music stereotype making it accessible to listeners of many other music genres.

Somebody's Nobody, Jimmy's debut CD, reaches into the heart of human desire to reveal pain's search for hope and despair's struggle for faith. From the resounding trumpet on "Cinderella," when a man is left standing at the altar, to the haunting minor melody of love and death on "My Lone Star," Jimmy's gossamer harmonies morph with visual lyrics. His reggae cover of the country classic "Guitars and Cadillacs" has its cowboy hat on a Caribbean beach and it's boots firmly planted in Bakersfield.

Somebody's Nobody was mixed and mastered by Fred Remmert of Cedar Creek Studios in Austin, known for his work with The Dixie Chicks, Shawn Colvin, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Pat Green. Produced by Clay Pendergrass, the CD was recorded by a virtual who's who of the Dallas music scene.

Jimmy Baldwin, a new sound on the Texas scene, has captured the essence of the "New Texas" sound - haunting and melodic, dark and tonic. His storytelling put to music offers a refreshing approach to the traditional country sound.

Seybold Ranch, now called the Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch, has picturesque view of the Brazos River and Palo Pinto Mountains. n Directions: Go west on U.S. 180 from Mineral Wells, Texas, and turn right on Indian Creek Road (look for Indian Creek Baptist Church with its large, white steeple on the north side of the road). Go straight at the first stop sign. Follow Indian Creek road past the cemetery to Seybold Road and turn left. The first ranch gate on the left is the Double J Ranch. Park and go inside.


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