Story and Illustration Challenge

I believe I will be posting a story and illustration challenge in the next few days. The idea will be for me to begin a story and for each person who comments to read the story plus the other comments and add on to the story. I will keep this blog open until January 1, 2007, when I will end the story, take the story and illustrations and put them on a separate website. Illustrations for the story can be emailed to me separately.

I would like any reaction to this proposal...interest, etc.


Kai said…
that picture looks like my mum's house in the
Peace, Kai
Pam Aries said…
THis sounds like fun,! Let us know mre! Hoew are you doing????
tinker said…
Sounds like fun, Sioux!

Speaking of fun, Tag! You're It! (if you want to play, see my blog)

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