Last night, I slept: my bed

2006 will be: over so soon

My Grandma was born: at home

I could eat ___ everyday: chocolate

I won't marry: every again

If I had to move out of state, I'd go: England or Maine

I wish I hadn't: taken so long to find Raf

My dad is: no longer living...he was a cowboy

I hate the name: don't think I hate any names

I can currently: well, duh, writing my blog

:: This OR That ::

-Florida or California: Florida

-Math or English: English

-French or Spanish: Spanish

-Ocean or lake: ocean

-Mexican or Chinese: Chinese

-Green or pink: green

-Sharks or dolphins: dolphins.

-The '50s or '60s: 50's

-Tall or Short? Short

*.*.* Random Q's *.*.*

1. How tall is your best friend? taller than I am!

2. Can you speak another language? nope, but Raf can

3. What was the name of your first crush? John

4. Did this person ever say they loved you? probably not, we were in junior high

5. What continent do you most want to see? Europe

6. Name two of the most handsome men, or beautiful women ever? Cary Grant and Hugh Grant (are they related?)

7. What's one song you've listened to today? O Come, O Come, Emmanuel...sung by Mary Fields at church

8. Have you ever played a team sport? city volley ball

9. Who was your class Homecoming Queen? I'd have to look in the annual...not going to

10. What's your ideal height for the opposite sex? taller than me

11. Do you know anything about your heritage? a lot, I am a professional genealogist

12. Have you ever played golf? nope...never wanted to follow a little ball around a pasture!

13. What year did your mom graduate from high school? 1918

14. Would you like to change your body/looks? no, this is the way God made me

15. Would you name your children after someone? I did... Carolyn after her grandmother and a woman I admired, Christi after her great-grandmother, Kathy after a grandmother and a great-grandmother

So...if you got this far and you want to play, let me know so I can read yours!!


If you love chocolate, meets Fritz Knipschildt, the hip founder of Knipschildt Chocolatier, at the New York Chocolate Show. Also, Laurie Gauguin shows us a few new Knipschildt sauces. You decide if it's your taste. It's interesting either way. Watch it here on TasteTV
Tammy said…
Very interesting!!
I may do this at another time!
Shelina said…
I'm going to save this meme for when I need blog fodder. Thanks

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