Pegasus--The Flying Red Horse

I have always wanted a neon sign, and once I saw a neon of the Flying Red Horse like the one that trots over the sky in Dallas. Raf found this one for me. Isn't he beautiful!?!

Yesterday morning when I woke up the living room was glowing red. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but Raf had found this pegasus and fitted it above the fireplace in the living room.

Carolyn gave me two puzzles, and Bethy picked out a special grandma bracelet. Christi and Jennifer gave me a lovely blouse and cape. I received so many emails, letters, cards, and phone calls. Today Louise brought me a wonderful Nancy's Notions kit.

Today I went to see Dr. Dave, and he x-rayed by leg. He said everything looked great and to come back in 6 weeks....that will be at the end of three months from the surgery. He gave me permission to do everything except bend, twist, and drive a car.

So, I hope we will be able to go either to the panhandle or to Rockport about mid-January. Raf also needs to sign up to sing in January at H2JO.

BTW, here is what happened in history on December 18.


Teri C said…
What a great guy!!!! And happy birthday!
Sheila said…
Good news that you are healing and will be able to travel..xx
That is probably the most unique birthday gift I've seen in while...
it looks quite at home above the fireplace too..!
Fantastic birthday gift!
I love it. Happy belated Birthday too Sioux!!
AnnieElf said…
That is one awesome gift Suzie. That flying horse reminds for the the gasoline signs of old. Well, maybe they are still in the midwest and texas. have not seen them in california in years.
KCQuilter said…
Oooh, love your flying red horse neon!!! Happy belated birthday wishes.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Happy Birthday! The neon horse is fantastic and looks just great flying over the fireplace. Congratulations on your continuing recovery, blessings abound.
altermyworld said…
What an awesome gift!!!! I love that he surprised you. I hope your birthday was fabulouS, it sounds wonderful.
I just wanted you to know that i did not rec a package however that is typical for canada post.
Rhea said…
That's a very cool sign. I am really into neon. My dad owned a liquor store and all the old neon signs were piled in the back, the signs where the gas ran out.
Kai said…
thats a gorgeous pegasus..Im
Sioux, again thankyou for your time, energy and help with my query.. Thanks to you, I'll have the first bit done in time for christmas.. consider yourself Hugged!!
Peace, Kai.
Susan said…
Glad that your leg is healing as it should! That Pegasus is really cool. =) Sounds like a great birthday.
Terri /Tinker said…
What a wonderful birthday present! Glad to hear you had such a happy birthday and that you'll be able to get around more and more. xo

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