2006 has been a very good year for us. We are very blessed. Raf and I have each other. We lived in a good town with good friends. We have a good family. Not only are we close to our girls, but to many of our cousins and other family members as well. We have our health, a home, food, happiness. We have a wonderful church home in a diocese which is still part of Christianity. This year we have taken several nice trips...one to the east coast and several to the Texas coast. Our grandchildren are doing well in school, and they make us proud. I can look out our french doors and see our bird feeders where many songbirds eat, as well as a sharp shinned hawk. We have 4 cats and a dog.

One of the greatest blessings I have had this year is my blogging friends and my Glitter Sisters. Isn't it wonderful what the power of the internet has done for our lives?

So, I have made resolutions this year...something I normally don't do. I've made 16, and here they are. I am publishing them to help me keep them:

1. Draw one thing each day...either a challenge, or from lessons, or on my own
2. Create one mixed media collage/ATC each week...or more
3. Work on a quilt each week
4. Plan what to make for Christmas gifts and begin...and finish
5. Participate in at least one swap per month
6. Participate more with my Glitter Sisters
7. Keep my studio clean and straight...straighten it NOW
8. Read at least 60 books in 2007
9. Be nicer and kinder
10. Slow down
11. Pray daily and read the Bible daily
12. Become more involved in the church
13. Blog daily
14. Write something daily other than blog...start on that book again??
15. Walk every day, at least on the treadmill
16. Keep the house straight

So, to all my blogging friends, as I will endeavor to encourage you in 2007, I ask that you encourage me, too. I know several of you have tried to push me to draw again, and I guess I just wasn't ready, but I think I am ready now. Today Raf helped me begin to straighten up the studio...still messy from Mr. Raccoon. Tonight we are going to have stir fry and watch a movie and see the New Year in together. And we are going to be thankful for all of our blessings.
It's now 4:47 pm on New Year's Eve. The temperature here in Mineral Wells, Texas, is a sunny 49˚F. The cats are sleeping, the dog is snoring, and I am about to begin fixing our supper.

To all of you I wish a safe, happy, joyous, loving, and blessed 2007!


Lin said…
WONDERFUL goals, Sioux! And blessings for the New Year! MAY 2007 find you healthy, happy, and creatively inspired!
giggles said…
What a beautiful grateful post you have written. Is it really possible for you to be nicer? I think you’re pretty darn kind now! You are blessed with a lovely spirit and great abundance of love in your life! So I wish you, Raf and your family more peace, joy and great health for the New Year! May your creative spirit move you to new heights beyond your imagining!!

Peace and love Sherrie
Susan said…
How wonderful your goals sound! I'll be standing on the sidelines cheering you on! It sounds as if God has blessed your family.
Anonymous said…
Wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy New Year.

Your resolutions are very inspirational. I sure could stand to pick up a few. Good luck.

All the best to you in 2007.
Take care,
judie said…
Happy New Year Sioux. Resolution number 5...wanna start with me? ATC swap...one for one, two for two, you choose. Let me know. :)
mrsnesbitt said…
A few of us have decided to post a photo each day, small step towards achieving more...
Your list was very inspiring, made me think!

Thanks, sending you wishes over the big blue ocean!

Sheila said…
Life is good sioux. We are fortunate. I hope 2007 is a banner year for you. I'm so glad we 'met'...!
AnastasiaC said…
have a wonderful year ahead!!
Great resolutions - hope it all goes the way you want!!
You have a wonderful blog. i enjoyed reading your resolutions for the new year, I am inspired to make a few myself-wonderful narrative.
I also think your sketch of Judie is a very good rendering, and she looks sweet. The New Years card is fine as well, love the lettering. Thoroughly enjoyed.
Felicity said…
Yes, wonderful resolutions! I'm so glad you are drawing again. I hope 2007 is a wonderful, creative year for you Sioux!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Those are quite ambitious resolutions! I didn't resolve anything this year, but my goal is to finish more quilts! Ha!! 60 books, that's more than one a week. I'm quick aren't I? When, oh when, do you sleep?
Heart of Rachel said…
Happy New Year! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate your warm words.

I hope that you'll fulfill all your worthwhile resolutions. May the rest of 2007 be filled with joy and great opportunities.

Take care!

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