Wednesday, December 20--5 more days

First of all, check out Simon Sez Santa.

Today was eventful for some. The McCaslands had a tornado at their house about 5 am which took the roof off the screened-in porch and the skylight and some tree limbs. The county didn't believe them when they called to say the road was out of commission due to debris. Well, the county went out, and sure enough there were tree limbs and parts of roof on the road! They, the McCaslands, weren't hurt, and the insurance was already sending people out to fix it. Their roofer lives about 2 miles west of them, and the tornado came through his place, too.

Mary Fields brought us Christmas bread and homemade syrup for Christmas morning breakfast. We went to Wal-Mart to get groceries for Carolyn, Beth, and me to make gingerbread for Christmas Eve delivery.

This cat...a bad cat...was sitting on top of our house. We think he chased a pretty tortoise shell female up a tree. As far as I know she is still up the tree...farther up than our ladders go. I do hope she gets down alright. Don't know who she belongs to, but I would have her if she gets down.
This is the Christmas tree at H2JO Coffeehouse here in Mineral Wells. Raf will be playing there on January 13 at 7:30 pm.
Today I received two swaps. One was a Swap-Bot December birthday swap. That's the two match boxes, one filled with charms and one with sequins. The one I sent to Israel had a necklace and earrings. The other was the Artella Muse/Musee swap. This happens every year, and the photo does not do it justice. It is a book made of handmade paper and paper bags and yarn and beads, and it is beautiful!! I sent an ornament, a pin, soap, and a shrine.

Tonight we went to Baris for supper and saw Dorothy Moline and Mary Blessing, and then we drove around looking at Christmas lights. Beautiful...lots of white and red and some colored lights. I think I like the multi-colored lights the best. I HATE those blown up things with snowmen and merry-to-rounds and Santa and such. They are just silly, in my opinion!
And to all...a good night!


Sue said…
Simon Sez Santa was pretty cute. Sounds like you had a busy day. That kitty on the roof needs to mind her manners!
Kai said…
Aloha sioux..
Did I thankyou for being SUCHA sweetheart and helping me with my genealogy thing (Im an amateur) well THANKYOU!!!! :):)

I liked this post, it was acute snippet of your day. Kitties can be mischievious. cant they?
I agree with you, the blowup plastic things are cheap and gawdy..
Peace and light..Kai. xx
Terry said…
Oh Soiux,,,These cats ae sooooo cute!! I will not be able to read all of your posting as I have to work. Would you mind if I sent these over to Flip Flop? She would surely love to read these stories.
Ha!! You are just like me..I call them bad cats and good cats.
October 18 on my blog site I did a "Profile of Four Cats"...They ARE cute cats but they were not ALL good!! See what you think and let me know if I can send this over to Sandy or better still Sioux maybe you can go to Sandy's blog and comment. You can click on to her from my comment section. I think at a time like this , YOU would be a real comfort to her!! Thanks!! from Terry

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