Google Christmas Game

Here’s a quick fun thing to do that Sue saw on Tammy’s site.
Google Game:
1. Google for Christmas plus the year of your birth.
2. Post the most charming picture you can find.
3. Get misty with nostalgia over hot cocoa and peppermint cookies.

I did and couldn't decide which I liked best. The Post was interesting; the soldiers necessary as we were in WWII; the little girl reminded me of Miracle on 34th Street; but my favorite is the kids under the tree...that's is the most evocative image for me. Oh, the year? 1942!


Sioux...great idea! I love the pictures you found.
It does make you nostalgic...
Anonymous said…
Oh love the pics you picked. Hope you have a Happy Birthday.
Lisa said…
Charlie Brown Christmas came out the year I was born. I didn't know that! cool...and I watched a video of a Christmas from 1965 and saw a picture of a baby that was about the age I would have been at Christmas time. Fun! Thanks. I love the pics you chose..especially the little girl looking in the window.
Tammy said…
I'm glad you enjoyed the Google game...and I enjoyed everything you pulled are one year older than my Momma!
giggles said…
Very sweet pictures Sioux and have a Happy Birthday....your birthday falls on the same day as my moms did...and her name was Sue or Susan!!....imagine that eh!!

I hope you are having a fabulous day!

Love and hugs to you Sherrie
Kai said…
happy birthday for tommorrow!! Peace, Kai.
Sheila said…
This Google search is neat. I pulled up some interesting pictures...
Hope you have a great day today..

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