I Am 64-years-old Today

First of all, thanks for all the cards, calls, emails, letters, gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This morning when I woke up the living room was glowing red. I couldn't see what it was, so I got my glasses, and Raf, who was already up, came in from the blue room, and there at the hearth was a neon sign of the "flying red horse" in Dallas. It is great. I just love it!!!

I had a very good day. We had to go to the hospital for blood work. Then we ate breakfast at Jody's. Then we drove to Gordon, Texas, to see my nurse practitioner, then on the Tac-Pro to pick up John's gun for his birthday and Christmas. Then to the pharmacy; then to Houston School to leave a plate and pick up books; then to the Post Office; then to H2JO; then home. My physical therapist came and dismissed me. When I got home there were tons of emails and telephone calls. John came by, and we gave him the gun, which he loves. He is on the High Powdered Rifle Team at Tarleton. See his photo...he's the first one on the page.

I heard from all three girls, and Raf's cousin, and lots of friends. So, as I said, today was a wonderful birthday.

Thank you all!


Sheila said…
Wow, you had a full day. I'm glad it was good...!!!
Sue said…
Glad you had a busy and wonderful birthday. We've been celebrating our son in law's birthday today too!
Morah said…
Happy Birthday...If a bit late
Beemoosie said…
Happy birthday! I am glad you had a wonderful day!
Lin said…
Lisa said…
I'm glad you had a very happy birthday. You deserve it!
tinker said…
Hi Sioux - I'm so glad you had a happy birthday! (Even though I didn't make it by your blog here on the actual day, I was thinking about you - tried to send you an e-card, I hope you got it).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIOUX!!! I'm so glad I know you! Hope you have a fabulous new year!
Fruit Jar Nicky said…
Happy Birthday!!

I'm totally jealous that you got "The Pegasus" for your birthday! Where did your giftgiver find one?
AnastasiaC said…
Happy Birthday Sioux!! hope you had a FAB day!
Bill Chandler said…
Happy Birthday, Mom! (Running late, as usual...)

Your loving son,

Toni said…
Hey Sioux I know I'm late saying Happy Birthday but hey Happy Birthday! Oh yea I like the neon sign.

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