Christmas cactus blooming purple and white
Expectation of coming from sorrow to light

Along the road to Bethlehem we ponder
What would our burden be
Wait until the morrow
In anticipation we see

Jesus Christ's appearance
Coming to us now
Are we ready for the joy
Lifted burden from our brow

Alleluia God among us
Let us welcome His return
Come to us oh blessed Jesus
As God's promises we learn


Sue said…
Your Christmas cactus is lovely and the perfect colors for Advent...
Teri C said…
Did you write that poem? Beautiful and a perfect companion to that gorgeous Christmas cactus!!
Lin said…
HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! Reminds me of my mom's!!! Now, how about a sketch of this beauty???LOL
judie said…
What a beautiful flower. It looks like flying birds. Makes me want to paint flying birds like this. I hope you dont mind but I captured the pic to use as a reference if I decide to do this.

I can tell you are feeling better! :)
Very nice...I only have two blooms on mine.
However I did nearly kill it accidently.
She is coming back now...just in time!
mrsnesbitt said…
Iam afraid my mum's Christmas Cactus isn't doing as well as yours!

Still, there may be a miracle for Christmas! We can only hope.
tinker said…
A beautiful poem to go with a beautiful image.
Thank you, Sioux!
Lisa said…
Beautiful. Thank you.
Kai said…
That's a stunning Christmas cactus sioux.. thankyou for sharing!
Peace, Kai
Anonymous said…
My first visit here. You have a beautiful blog!

Have a great day!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I've been nursing along a Christmas cactus for the last five years,(rather unsuccessfully)it hasn't bloomed at all, it's too tired. Finally it dawned on me that it woud be perfectly alright to get a new, blooming one and just the let the other one go... your post convinced me. Thank you.

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