Wednesday Evening

Sadie really wanted what Raf was eating. We eat in our recliners on trays old retiree's thing, I guess. But Sadie was saying, "That looks like puppy food to me!" Sadie is about 12 now.Gus loves to sit on Raf's least when he doesn't want Raf to get up and take him in to the food bowl. We have to keep the cat food on their own special table or Sadie (see above) would eat all the cat food...she likes people food and cat food much better than dog food. Gus is about 14.

Gus still napping.

A bunch of people, all over the world, have been taking photos of the full moon this past week. Mine isn't nearly as spectacular as the others, but here it is.
The pt told me some days wouldn't be as good as others, and today is sort of a downer, but tonight we are eating out at El Paseo tonight, so that will be a treat!!


Teri C said…
Sioux, you have the cutest animals and always manage to capture just the right pose!

Happy date with Raf.
AnnieElf said…
Hey, that Gus is a good kitty. Our Gus does exactly the same thing.
tinker said…
Gus and Sadie are adorable, Sioux! Hope today's a better day for you and you can enjoy the restaurant fiesta.
Kai said…
I adore your puppy and kittie, they look so content and happy.. you must be good parents. :)
Peace, kai
judie said…
Love your moon picture. Good to know you are getting out now. Nothing makes one heal faster than being mobile and out around friends. I can see your animals are spoiled!
It is nice to see good people caring for and loving their pets. All pets should be this lucky!
Have a good weekend...:)
Robyn said…
Cute kitty, Sioux. ALmost as cute as my Meg :-)
Cat said…
Nothing like old dogs and old cats, they just love love love. And yes, you caught that sweeeeet beggin' look in your photo!
Lisa said…
Sweet post. Lots of love going on there.
Sue said…
Gus is one cute kitty! Our Vincent often poses like that too!

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