Ode to Tennessee Jake Brake

Jake the cat's not very fat
His body's more like lean
His mood is light as a starry night
And his movements are hard to be seen.

He started out in Tennessee, a kitten stray was he
But he traveled safely to Texas to fulfil his destiny
He lives on a hill in a very small town, and he lords it over them all
He makes meals of rats and slow moving cats
He twickes his tail and he meows a great wail
But at the end of the day, he likely to say
"I'm glad I'm away from the Tennessee hills
And in the land of Texas' rocks and rills."

Well, that that, said the cat...now I going to try to find or write a cat meme...what do you think?


Teri C said…
Oh Sioux, what a beauty!! You just have to sketch him!

Love your poem also.
Sue said…
Love the poem and Jake's got a very nice tux!
Kelli said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! We are in the Dallas area. Jake is beautiful and I enjoyed the poem!
The Teacher said…
Cute kitty! Thanks for the visit!

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