First Day of Holidailies

Yesterday morning about dawn, the snow began to fall. There was sleet, rain, thunder, lightening, wind, and more snow. This lasted until about sunset. We received about 2 inches of snow. That's much more snow than we usually receive in any year...all totalled. It is beautiful. I sat all day in my recliner and watched the snow and the birds. We had our first juncos of the season...and a ruby-crowned kinglet. The most spectacular, however, was the sharp-shinned hawk who alighted on the ground looking for a meal of English sparrow. He flew into one of the bushes...and back out again. The songbirds knew the routine, however, and they were nowhere to be found.

Jake decided discrection being the better part of valor, Raf's recliner was a much better place to view the snow...after all he has indoor plumbing and all!

Gus, however, proceeded to investigate this unusual phenomenon...and besides, the birdies were calling.

The birds were all over the backyard...doves, English sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, hawks, kinglets, juncos, chickadees...all sampling the offerings provided and drinking from the dripper.

This morning the snow glistened and glowed...In fact, my Glitter Sisters, it glittered in the winter sun.

Today Gus was less enthused by the white stuff and only went outside as needed!

And the icy winter sun sparkled through the naked trees...telling us Texans that its heat was on the way again.

Today it all will begin to I will work more on my I will exercise and Raf will purchase some coats for kids who don't have I will begin the month of blogging for, a day to be explored, to be rejoiced in, to regain some, another day in which to celebrate thanksgiving.


mrsnesbitt said…
Gosh your black and white cat is so much like our Ella!

Hope the postman can get through the snow!!!
Anonymous said…
I want snow.... You all are making me jealous. I love to watch the birds.
Sue said…
Love your kitties and I love to look at your snow. I don't think I would enjoy living in it! (sunny CA born and bred)
Lin said…
WHAT A NICE HOLIDAY surprise!!! I'd love to be housebound with a nice fall of snow!! Mood-setting to be sure!
Beemoosie said…
Wow, you're in TX and got that snow!! I love your kitty cats, I don't have any b/c of my daughters allergies. So I love reading about those belonging to others!
Pam Aries said… can color ME green with envy! THat look on Gus' face is priceless! It was hot,humid and 80 here....
Susan said…
I grew up in west Texas and remember is snowing maybe a couple of times. We were very excited, as children would be. My mother made snow ice cream with snow and whipping cream. Yum!

I'll bet those poor Texas birds were totally confused!
tinker said…
Oh, you've got the snow you were wishing for - it's beautiful!

Gus and Jake are smart kitties - it's not worth braving the snow in the bushes to catch a bird in the paw.
(BTW - Jake looks so much like my grandgirls' kitty Jake - who's actually more Jacqueline as they found out - but the name stuck, lol)
Loretta said…
I'm jealous of the snow! We had two inches of rain, wind, and thunder.

I feel like I moved to Miami!

What happened to autumn in New York?
Janet said…
Snow! No thank you! It's pretty to look at but I don't want any to deal with....I'm getting lazy in my "old" age!
AnnieElf said…
What wonderful pictures of your backyard wonderland. Love the cats. We are down to one now from a high of five. Our remaining kitty is also a Gus. He is all white and could hide in the snow perfectly and being quite the hunter, he would be even more successful than he is now. Happy Advent to you as well. Annie

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