Birthday Bash...Advent 3

Aventino's Restorante 3206 Winthrop Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76116, Tel: 817-731-0711

was our destination last night. There were 11 in our party. We arrived at Aventino's at 7:00 pm. We completed our meal just a little before 10:00 pm. True Northern Italian dining! We drank wonderful wine...a sparkling Lambrusco Erica had introduced us to the last time we were in. It was served with garlic bread.

Then we ordered of Al's signature an appetizer. After that we had a delicious salad made with a multitude of greens, tomato, and cucumber in a house dressing which is tasty but subtle. I ordered the Shrimp Francais, but everyone ordered something different. For desert we had liqueur with Italian Cream Cake, or cheese cake, or Flan (the owners are from Columbia). The meal was accompanied by classical music performed by two TCU students who are also from Columbia...on violin and classical guitar.

Al and Olga Paez are the owners of Aventino's...named for one of the Roman hills. They have owned the restaurant for some 23 years, and we are regular customers...and friends.

We were celebrating my birthday, Linda Rose's birthday, and our grandson, John's, 20th birthday. We recalled 20 years ago when John was a baby, he began crying during the meal, and Al came out of the kitchen, leaving the cooking to his second in command, and carried John out of the restaurant so we could eat. His and Olga's mothers were visiting from Columbia, so when he brought John back, he handed him to one of the mothers, and they kept the baby entertained until we were finished with our meal.

Al and Olga's son Derek is a chef in New York City, where he trained at the CIA. He and his model wife have just presented Olga and Al with their first grandchild.
At any rate, a grand time was had by all, and we will have photos soon...Linda took pictures of everything.

Today we went to church...I went to church for the first time in 4 is the third Sunday in Advent. We had over 40 people present...the congregation is slowly growing again. We are blessed to have Father Phelps and Kate with us! He reminded us we have two services to attend next happens every 7 years. Christmas Eve (Advent 4) in the morning and Christmas Eve Vigil at 11:15 pm. As I say, we are blessed to once again have a good, conservative priest. Thanks be to God.


Sue said…
Happy Birthday if I didn't wish it already! Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration. I bet John was a wonderful gift to you 20 years ago!!
Sheila said…
Another funfilled day..! Good food and good there anything better?
The food sounds wonderful. We had a delightful lunch at an Italian restaurant today. Unfortunately, it made me want a nap, and I had to go shopping instead.

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