Our Christmas party was a rip-roaring success! We had about 30 teenagers, about 15 "little kids" (8-12), and about 40+ adults. We had lots of good food, seeing old friends, meeting new friends, music...piano and guitars with singing. The mother of a friend came up to me and said she felt there was something truly special about the party...she couldn't put it into words, but I felt it, too, a sort of magic. I think it was having all the generations together. But whatever it was it put us into the holiday spirit. Jesus is definitely the reason for the season, and I felt His presence in our friends and family. It was nice to have our new priest and his wife join us, too.

Tonight is the annual "Birthday Bash" at Aventino's Italian Restaurante in Fort Worth. We have been going to Aventino's since they opened over 20 years ago. The food is wonderful, but the family who owns the business is truly special. We will celebrate mine and John's birthdays, along with my friend Linda whose birthday is also the 18th. We will definitely eat, drink, and be merry.

Tomorrow is the third Sunday in Advent. I think I will be able to go to church!! If my body cooperated!

Finally, a word to the Glitter Sisters and all my bloging/internet friends. I certainly value your friendship and encouragement. I thank all of you for birthday and Christmas wishes. I hope the GPS group can chill from my overly organized mind...that's just the way I am. I certainly want to keep up with all of you, and I definitely didn't want to cause any of you anxiety...we all have enough of that on a regular life basis. I value the role we play in each others' lives...no matter how many, or how few we are in number. I value all the friends I have met on the net...and I wish God's blessings on you all.


Pam Aries said…
Party ON Girl!!!!! Hey ..not to worry about the list, 99 percent of us got it! hee! You were sweet to put it together in the first place ! I thnk that we were all just overwhelmed with holiday stuff. WE all know who are true glitter sisters ! It is OKAY! Have fun and know the GPS loves you!!!!! Pam alala lala
Tammy said…
God Bless You too!!
tinker said…
Thank you for putting together the list - I don't know why we all got so wound up the other night, but it's certainly not your fault. I don't think you upset anyone - everyone just upset themselves. You've just tried to do a good thing to help out everyone - and it has been a very good thing, I've found e-mail addies and links on there, that I couldn't find otherwise. Thank you for being your own organized glittery self, Sioux!
As for me, I'm staying quiet and not try to problem solve for anyone else anymore - all I do is muddle it and I've got enough on my plate already!
Big birthday hugs to you!
Sheila said…
This is a very busy season for you by the sound of things. How lovely to have so many family members and friends there to celebrate with you.

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