Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Party Tonight

Tonight is our 20th annual Christmas party. We usually have it the Friday school is out for Christmas vacation...but this year our school is going into next week, and since we are retired...well, it really doesn't matter. Carolyn and Raf have done a great job getting me and the house ready for guests. John and Arsi put our tree, and here it is in all its glory. We never know how many people we will have. Our house is very small, but we have had as many as 80 people for the party before. I am saddened that my cousin, Ron, will not be with us. He has joined us every year for about 10 now. Tomorrow night we will have our birthday celebration at Aventino's in Fort Worth. John's birthday is December 17 and mine is December 18. We have several friends we also have December 18 birthdays, so we all get together and celebrate. Here is December 18 birthdays in history.

So, yous guys out there, have a fun evening...I know we will. More tomorrow!


Kai said...

Gorgeous tree Soiux, wishing you bright happiness for tonight!!
Peace, Kai

Sheila said...

What a pretty tree..I love it. I'm sure you will all have a wonderful evening. It sounds like lots of fun..!

Susie said...

Your tree is lovely. I'm sure your party will be a wonderful evening for all!

tinker said...

The tree is beautiful, Sioux. Hope you have a great time!

Mama Heffalump said...

Lovely tree! The party sounds like fun! The more the merrier! *Grin*

Pea said...

Good morning Sioux!! Your tree is just beautiful and I'm looking forward to hearing how your party went last night! It's amazing how many people we can fit in a small house isn't it! lol Enjoy this wonderful time of the year! xox

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you came to visit me...come back any time!!
I can tell from reading through a few of your posts that I'm really gonna enjoy it here!!


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