Saturday...missed Friday, oh well...

Well, I meant to blog yesterday. I really did BUT I didn't get 'er done. But I had a wonderful day. (I did blog every day in November, even with the surgery...)

Louise came over to stay with me while Raf went to Fort Worth to do Christmas shopping for me and get in the boonies we don't have book store, liqour store, fabric least not a large quantity of such. Louise brought wonderful food from Central Market, and I had soup from a recipe she had given was all yummy. Later in the afternoon we had tea...did I say, she brought tea, as well?!? We sat here and talked for 6 hours...and still had plenty to say! It was a good day! Then John came by to visit...home from week he has finals.

Think I mentioned the birds flying into the you can see the bird outline and it's wings where it hit...and it didn't die! Oh, but we now have a sharp shinned hawk who sits out every day near our 10+ feeders hoping for food of his own (sparrows).

Have you heard of Richard Bell, a Yorkshire man, who is a wonderful artist? Here are two of his books. You can order his books through Willow Island. They are fantastic! You can pay through paypal, and he sends them asap.
Tonight Raf plays at H2JO. I'm not going because I don't think I can sit there for 4 hours. But I am having cabin fever. I've been out twice...once to H2JO and once to El Paseo, and tomorrow I AM going to church. Father Phelps brought the Sacrament by this week, but I want to be AT CHURCH!!

So...think of me tonight all alone with only Gus, Sadie, Jake, and the Cat from Hell, Poke!! I recorded Polar Express and will probably watch it.


Sue said…
Hope you're able to get out to church!
We watched Polar Express this week too!
tinker said…
I can't believe how hard that bird must have hit that window to leave such an imprint! And lived to squawk about it!
I'm not familiar with Richard Bell, but the books look lovely.
Hope you're able to get out to church soon.
Lindsay said…
I just wanted to tell you that my mother-inlaw had a hip replacement 2 years ago and she is so happy with her new hip. She is able to be more mobile than she has in years. Hope your recovery is as smooth. Richard's work IS wonderful

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