The Christmas Turtle

Today was the day to make gingerbread in preparation of delivering said bread on Christmas of our family traditions. But...before we got started, we looked for the little tortoise shell cat that bad cat had chased up the tree. Well...she had changed trees, but she still couldn't seem to get down. She was in the neighbor's tree. She told us it was ok to get her out of the tree, so John got the ladder, climbed on the carport, then pulled the ladder up and climbed up the tree to get her. Did I say these are tall trees? And now we have a Christmas Turtle!

So here is Raf holding our Christmas Turtle...her name, or Turtle for short.

Here is Bethy holding the Turtle.
Here's John, the rescuer, who accidentally dropped his phone in a glass of cranberry juice, so he is programming the new phone.
Carolyn and Bethy helped me make 18 loaves of gingerbread, so after Christmas Eve service Sunday we will drive around delivering bread, eat pizza, they will go to the lake, and we will go back to church that night for midnight mass.


Terri /Tinker said…
What a cute Christmas turtle :-)
and what nice people to rescue her! I like the idea of delivering gingerbread on Christmas, what a nice tradition.
Kai said…
She a lovely little cat!! You have such a kind heart to rescue and KEEP her!!
Peace, Kai.
Sheila said…
"The Cat that came for Christmas"..
I love her.
I had a domestic long haired torti for almost 20 years. If yours is as affectionate as mine, she will be a great companion.

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