Christmas 2006

Welcome to the Seibert Family Christmas:

Here's the tree at 8 am...before...
Brian is talking to John about cars and guns.
This dinosaur was the hit of the's Travis' gift.
Travis also enjoyed drawing with his new art supplies.
Joey, our new Marine recruit, is enjoying his new ipod shuffle.
Christi has a Dr. Pepper....not Dublin Dr. Pepper, but ok, we guess.
Cousins Jennifer and Bethy also go ipod shuffles.
Raf, like me, got really tired and had to get away from the group for a minute.
Darrell and Christi enjoy the puzzle. the morning.
Margaret and Mary Lynn work on the puzzle and eat.
Barney enjoys his meal.
Carolyn works her Sudoku game.
We hope your family had as wonderful a Christmas as we did. God bless you all.


Allotment Lady said…
Lovely sharing your Christmas Day.
Boxing Day here and more visitors - busier than Christmas Day and tomorrow will be even more so.

Great isn't it?
Beemoosie said…
And God bless YOU! Looks like a lovely day!
Lisa said…
Thanks for a window into your day. Looks like a great one!
computerpeach said…
thanks for sharing your day - have a happy new year!
sounds like a wonderful family gathering Sioux, you may be tired after all the company and hubbub of your Christmas...but it's that good kind of tired...the kind that comes from so much joy.
Janet said…
Looks as if everyone had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us.
Jeanne said…
Blessings to you and yours.
Thanks for your visits and your sweet words always.
Love Jeanne ^j^
Val said…
Thanks for dropping by my Christmas day - and we have a jigsaw puzzle too! In fact I must have a quick go... Enjoy a great year ahead too.
Loretta said…
What a fabulous group! Everyone appears to be having fun and enjoying each other. Much kudos to your girls for the clean up duties!
Fruit Jar Nicky said…
Thanks for sharing!!

Happy Holidays!
Tinker said…
So glad you had a happy Christmas, Sioux! I haven't done a jigsaw in ages, this makes me want to get one out - though the cats will just run off with the pieces (which is why we stopped trying to do them.)
Hope you're able to get some much-needed rest today. Take care and have a happy New Year!
Sheila said…
You appear to have enjoyed a lovely family Christmas, as did we.'s not over yet..!
Rosa said…
It looks like w wonderful family gathering. Wishing you and yours much joy in 2007!!
mrsnesbitt said…
Looks like a great Christmas Sioux!
Dont you just love family christmases!

Merry Christmas!
Susie said…
Your Christmas celebration looks like it was a wonderful time!
My grandson can hardly be apart from his Ipod!

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