Well. . .

Today was a day, all right. Don't let anyone tell you that this doesn't hurt...it DOES! Also, they gave me my two units of blood back, so I couldn't use the pain med all day. Also, my blood oxygen level is low, temp was up...but is now down, and, well, bitch, bitch, bitch. Also, my family doctor did not order my bp and other meds, so it was midnight before I got it. Again, bitch, bitch, bitch....so, rather than go on, I'll stop and write more tomorrow.

Love and hugs and light and peace to all of you...thanks so much for your wishes, prayers, messages, pictures...you all are just too good to me.



I wish I could magically take your pain away so you could this minute stand and twirl! Still wishing you many fast healing wishes and that you are on the fast track to mending VERY soon!
Glad you're home. I think bitching is a good sign. hehe
tinker said…
Like Lisa, I wish I could wave my magic wand, too, Sioux, to take away your pain. Instead I'm just sending loving thoughts and prayers that you heal as quickly as possible!
(and if you don't have a reason to bitch right now, I don't know who does!)
Get well soon!
Lin said…
Hope today feels better, Sioux!!!! But glad you're up enough to post!! GENTLE HUGS!
Teri C said…
Yup, she's better....she's bitching! :) Everyday it will get better. Really.

So glad you posted to keep us updated.

More hugs.

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