Monday was a Busy Day!

This is the way we all feel after this busy, busy day.

This was the way we were feeling when there was no rest for the weary!

This was a wonderful break when Raf's cousin Nancy and her husband Bob visited...bringing sweet was that. It has been about a year, so it was wonderful to see them.

Today was a very interesting day. We got up early, and the home health nurse, Millie, came to check me out and to take I am still on warfaren. Dr. Davé called to see how I was feeling after the ear thing.

Bob and Nancy came about 11:30 and brought lunch. They have been visiting their son, David, in Plano, and drove over for the day. Raf and I are so blessed. We have many, loving cousins, and we are thankful for them!

Right after Bob and Nancy went back to Plano in order to fly back to Ohio tomorrow, Don and Norma Lewis, rmmga friends from North Richland Hills, came by to bring back the lawn chair we left in Wimberley in October. So nice of them. We had a good visit.

Next Carolyn came by to check on me and do a little house cleaning...thank God for Carolyn! While Carolyn was here Raf went to the grocery store so that we could eat this week...although we still have much wonderful food sent by the Molines on Saturday.

When Raf got back we called Domino's for a pizza and cinnamon sticks (another yum).

When Raf returned from the store he brought the mail and my Winter 2006 Quilting Arts Magazine. If you don't take it, go to their website and order your subscription! It is wonderful. In this issue, on page 48, my friend Sarah and her friends in Maine, the Frayed Edges, are spotlighted. Another friend, Deborah who used to live in Maine and now lives in Dallas is one of Sarah's group. Deborah is also a member of our North Central Texas Mixed Media Group.

"Tomorrow is also a day," said Dell Shannon's Lt. Mendoza in many of her mysteries, and tomorrow we are going to REST, and I am going to make the Christmas ornament for my Glitter Sister's secret Santa swap.


KCQuilter said…
What a gorgeous kitty!!! Hope you are feeling better.
Lorraine said…
Turtle looks just like my Nick cat. He sleeps a lot too but right now is enjoying the sunshine and so am I. It's been away for a long time and we are so glad for its reappearance and for the warmer temps it will bring today.

Is the red tabby the one you are taming?

Really enjoyed your blog especially Turtle watching over all and blinking his eyes.

Lorraine said…
Oh my goodness Sue, what a small world. One off the blogs you posted on your site: View from the Oak, is that of my dear friend Lin. Don't you just love her paintings. My house is filled with Lin art -- original,and from Zazzle, including lots of her wearable art.


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