Today is a brighter day. I am exausted, but I have done ot and pt twice today. I walked up stairs. Raf got my walker, potty chair, leg extension, so tomorrow after the Veteran's Day which time Joey is playing taps, all the girls will be here, and they will all help me get settled at home. Nov. 11 is Kat's birthday, so we always get together for the celebration and then eat hamburgers at Jesse's. So, as they ask "on a scale of one to ten", I think my pain is a 1, my anxiety level is a 8.5, but each day it seems to get better.

Here is a neat wmp Texas Country Reporter about Skidboot

Thanks to all of you for your gentle hugs, prayers, love, care, fairies! Love to you all. BTW, the ipod kept me asleep last night as well! all


Teri C said…
Such good news! Keep up the good work. I know you will recieve the best care at home!

More hugs.
Lin said…
This is wonderful news, Sioux!!! A 1!!!! YEAH!! Happy birthday and celbrations to your family members -- and I know you're anxious to get home! SO VERY GLAD you're doing so well!! BIG BIG GENTLE HUGS!
Kai said…
Oh good, good, you're mending!! Thats a blessing to hear.
sending big hugs..
Peace, Kai
Robyn said…
Nice to read that you are still full of zest even at this time. Go get 'em, girl.

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