Tuesday...a day of resting and exercise...etc.

Today we were able to sleep a little later, and then the PT came, and I exercised and walked, and she set up a walker for the shower...so tomorrow I will SHOWER!!! I did my exercises twice today, AND I walked to the end of the block and back. I didn't realize it had tired me until Carolyn came and commented on my looking tired. Then I realized how much my muscles were sore...from walking!!

Another great thing just happened. John Seibert called us, and he is going to a rehab facility from the hospital for a month or two and is on the mend! Thanks be to God!

Today I also began working on two art projects for Christmas swaps, one for Glitter Sisters and one for Artella!! I sat at my work table to work, too.

BTW, Glitter girls, please go to the site and check your links and birthdays, please!!

In reading blogs today, Judy Perez suggested that we arts and crafts folk might be interested that November 30 is Arts and Crafts Day. It's an interesting concept set forth by a 10-year-old, and it just might be fun!

One of my Glitter Sisters, Ang, has suggested a "Pay it Forward" day of helping in our community. It's a great idea, Ang.

So today has been a good day...a restful day...a productive day...a thankful day.


tinker said…
Haven't been to Violette's yet, but I'll check it out. Glad you're able to get up and around - don't over-do it, though I'm sure you must be chomping at the bit after being laid up for awhile.

Still getting caught up on everyone's blog, I loved those kitty pictures - too cute!

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