Sioux's ZEST

This is Rafael posting for Sioux, as promised:
Sue's surgery went well. The doctor is pleased and she is resting in her room. She does have some pain, but the nurse says the first night is the worst and the pain will subside quickly.

They expect to get her up in a chair tomorrow, and on her feet, Wednesday.

Carolyn, Christi and Darrell were with us, and a big help. Sue and I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so we're both pretty tired now. I'm going to try to stop back out to see her tonight, and then make an early night of it. I kind of expect her to be asleep when I get there.



Diane said…
Thanks so much for the update on Sioux! We'll be thinking good thoughts.
Anonymous said…
thanks Raf - give her my love * sending love & healing thoughts xo
hope you get a good sleep!
Thanks for letting us know how she's doing. Let her know she's being sent lots of warm thoughts and prayers.
Lin said…
THANKS so much for posting!! Please tell Sioux she's in our thoughts and prayers ... gentle hugs too!
Pam Aries said…
Yes..THANK you for keeping us posted! Tell her to get her Glitter ON!!! hee hee
Teri C said…
Thanks for the update Raf, and the good news.

Hi and hugs to Sioux.
thank you so much for that report Rafe, please send her lots and lots of glitter love and quick healing!

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