Raccoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....DAMN 'COON

I am beginning this at 1:38 am Central Time. The policeman has just left. We had a terrible intruder...a raccoon got into the house through the fireplace. Raf was asleep in the bed and I in my recliner. All of a sudden he heard banging. The raccoon had gotten into my studio and wreaked havoc. Photos and the rest of the story to follow tomorrow! Oh, I mean, TODAY!

Now it is just past 9 am, and here are the photos I look last night after the policeman captured the raccoon in a laundry hamper and took him outside to let him go. The policeman was very young but very capable. He said he had never captured a raccoon in a house, but once he had captured a possum.

We are exhausted!

This is this morning...after a very non-restful night...looking out into the back yard where autumn has finally come and tonight we are to get sleet and snow. Poke the Cat is wanting in.


Robyn said…
This little burglar came with it's own little mask! I suppose, given the mess, you don't really think that it as cute as I do :-)
Beemoosie said…
Oh, what a story! Our school had a lock down in September because of a baby racoon!
Toni said…
Oh no Sioux! Hope that now it is all over you can sit back and laugh. Darn critters, they are so cute yet such a menace.
Morah said…
Oh NO! and I thought it was bad when we had a mouse living in the house for a while........
Lin said…
oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sioux, what a time!! I hope everything is okay!! MERCY MERCY MERCY!
Teri C said…
OH MY GOSH!!! Wow, such excitment and such a mess. This story will go down in your history!! I hope you can laugh at it then.
Alanna said…
Sorry to hear about the mess!!!
My stepmom adopted a raccoon in 1990 and he lived with them for 13 years. He was a mischevious soul, but a great pet. He had a way of surprising my dad and stepmom when they came home with all the stuff he had gotten in to. They learned the value of baby gates and child proof locks (though Raymond could open those!)...Raymond was adopted at a young age (in Alabama) and he was believed to be slightly retarded, which may explain why he turned out to be such a great pet!

Also, your cute cat looks a bit like my Sagis-cat!
Melzie said…
Oh no that stinks! Your kitty is very pretty though :) xoxo melzie
Rocky Raccoon
came in to the room
only to find sleeping lady...
he gave all a start
as he headed for art
and thought he'd
he'd grab paints
just maybe.
The police had to come
but without use of a gun
took Rocky outside in a hamper
They opened the lid
and out Rocky slid
and off with ideas he scampered.
now Rocky Raccoon is painting
his room
and doing some art for his Betsy
he stole ideas from Sioux
when the troubles ensued
and now he's selling on Etsy.

just thought I'd lend a little humor. So sorry you had to deal with that!
Sue said…
The raccoons love to come fishing at our pond at night. I know I sure don't want them in the house! I just posted a picture a couple days ago of our cat running and hiding when he saw the raccoon at our pond.
Sorry you had to deal with the mess.
Anonymous said…
I have never had the pleasure of a raccoon in the house. Sounds like it would scare the lights out of me. Hope you got the mess cleaned up without too much trouble.
Fruit Jar Nicky said…
How could something so cute.....
Sorry about your ordeal!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh......what a cute story.....well maybe a bit frightening at first!
Lisa.....very adorable poem.........such a talent!

I love racoons. They come into my backyard with their little family at nite and sometimes if i'm sitting quietly they freak me out!

Glad you are getting more mobile Sioux!

Cherry Menlove said…
Goodness gracious. I would have been scared stiff to see a racoon coming in through the fireplace! I'm sorry you had such a huge clear up job. But it's great that the policeman was so very capable as you said!

Hello by the way!

Laura said…
Hi Sioux!

Thanks for stopping by my blog last night... we are in the Austin metro area, and it is cold cold cold this morning, 38 degrees and dropping fast. I'll stop in again to read more of your blog when I have the time - my little girl is needing some attention right now! :)

Have a blessed day.
Felicity said…
Wow, what an event, I think I'd be pretty scared to hear noises in the night! Great photo of him though, he does look cute! Hope he didn't do too much damage (to property or nerves!) Your cat is gorgeous!(I might have said that before but it's worth saying it again!)
Loretta said…
Holy Moley!!! Talk about an unwanted guest! I'm glad that you got him corralled fairly quickly. My aunt's neighbor had a pair come in when they were on vacation, fall between the walls (attic entry), tear up the wiring and insulation, and then die.

Phew - what a stink!

Life's little comedies - I'd have totally had a nervous breakdown!
He is very cute, but you probably don't think so. What amazes me is that the police came and caught him! I don't think that would happen here.

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