Two Grandchildren - We're Proud

This photo was taken last Friday at the Mineral Wells Veterans' Day celebration. The boy playing Taps is our second oldest grandchild, Joseph. Joey is a senior at MWHS. His siblings, cousins, and grandfather were there to hear him play and to celebrate, with our town, the heroism of all the veterans of all American wars. Joey has joined the Marines.

This second photo is of Joey's little sister, Beth, who plays select softball. This was taken last weekend. Beth is 11 and in the 5th grade. She plays catcher.


tinker said…
You must be so proud of them both!

Hope you're feeling better and better every day!
((more gentle hugs))
Robyn said…
How nice for you to be so proud of your grandchildren! But aren't you too young for such grownup grandchildren?
Susan said…
I'd guess you are a proud grandma. =)

I was actually in Mineral Wells once, when I was about 8. I got the worst sunburn of my life and spent most of my time in the hotel room, on my stomach, watching TV, while the blisters came and went. That was in the 50s. Your memories are better than mine. =)

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