Two Wonderful Magazines

Well, my thinking process is still not up to snuff, but it's getting there. I even emailed one fellow regarding some genealogy stuff about my Routh family. We share the same ancestor, Robert Devon Routh, my great-grandfather...his great-great.

I am able to read more today, and I received a newsletter from editor, Patricia Bolton, regarding Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors. Each magazine is going from 4 to 6 issues a year!!! Yeah!!! These are two of my three favorites...the other being ARTitude Zine.

If you don't know about these three magazines and you're into NEED them.

As to my health...each day is an improvement. PT will come tomorrow, and I am exercising and walking. Nurse came today and took blood because I am on warfarin right now.

My friend, Margaret, came by for a visit and to bring a beautiful silk orchid. Carolyn came and sat while Raf went to H2JO, PO, etc. I am sick of TV...hope I may be able to concentrate on reading tomorrow.

So...until then. . .


Desiree said…
I also get these magazines and love them. Thanks for the encouragement on my latest writing adventure, you should sign up for next year, its a challenge for sure. I wanted to ask you how did you customize you header on you blog page, I love it?? Inquiring minds want to know??? Hope your surgery went well, I feel for you in therapy, we still go and its been many years, I hate that place.
mrsnesbitt said…
Hi there, came by your blog via Ray. Was just saying somewhere I am re-organising my study and must fit my sewing machine in somewhere! I would love to do some quilting! Will there ever be the time in the day! LOL!
Greetings from Cold North Yorkshire, UK.
jenclair said…
Hope you continue to improve, Sioux. Your attitude seems great!
mrsnesbitt said…
What is a glitter sister?
Can I become one? Ooooooooo I would love that!

mrsnesbitt said…
Thanks for posting on my blog.
I have joined the site, & posted.
when do I become a glitter sister.....??????????

oooooooooo excited!!!!!
those are two of my fave magazines as well and I was glad to get the email stating they were increasing the yearly issues. I am also glad you are feeling better and getting PT and walking...stay strong my dear!
Michelle said…
I'm glad your steadily recovering.

I love the looks of that cloth, paper, scissors magazine! Must get...
Lovely picture of you and your friend. I, too, love these magazines. I haven't received artitude zine yet but I hope to run across it one of these days. CPS and Quilting Arts I could and do look at over and over again. Seems like you're feeling pretty well. I'm so glad.

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