Granny Smith and Out to Eat

Today is another waiting day. I decided to draw both for Kate's class and for the EDM Challenge. I like the apple, but I hate the shadow!

Oh, well...tonight we are going to Weatherford to eat at Golden Moon. This was suggested by Dr. Davé's nurse, as tomorrow I should not eat a heavy meal and as I will be in hospital for the better part of next week. After Golden Moon we're going to eat ice cream back in M-dub at The Scoop. Then we may go to H2JO to hear Blue Valley Bluegrass IF they have my ChiTea! If not, I'll probably come home, and Raf can go back if he wants to.

Tomorrow is the last day of waiting. I have registered and will be going into hospital about 7:30 am...they've changed it 3 times. First 9, then 6:15, now 7:30. I started taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, and the hospital seems concerne, but Dr. Davé was out of town the last part of the week, so I couldn't check with him. Both Christi and Carla thought it was the best thing to do.

And so. . .off to Weatheford we go....go....go.

We went, and we're back. Golden Moon was good...but they didn't have Raf's 4 Star Beef. When to Scoop, and it was closed! I don't think their business is going so well. Went to H2JO and they "said" they had my tea, but it wasn't their good chitea...Heard Blue Valley, and they were good. Jimmy Baldwin, Rual Perkins, Allan Evans, Terry Blevins and others were there...but I am tired of them not having the drink I like!! Today was Earl Clark's birthday so he had a birthday cake to share. His band is good...for bluegrass!

I am finishing the sort-of turning twenty quilt called "Quilt of Many Colors" I am making for Carolyn...she never reads this so she won't know. When she was little I made her a "Coat of Many Colors" after the Dolly Parton song, and her hateful step-mother threw it away!! I am going to embroider fairies on this and back it with midnight minkie. It's a just because gift...hope it will be ready by Christmas.

Anyway, I'm about to watch Last of the Summer Wine, a great BBC comedy. We've been watching woodworking and Handmade Music shows.

Nighty...night...good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite!!


Teri C said…
I will be thinking of you and sending prayers!!

Lin said…
tinker said…
The coat of many colors sounds so cool, Sioux! I love bluegrass music (and tea), so your night out sounds good to me. Hope all goes well - try to relax on your last day of waiting. (I know, easy for me to say!) But I hope you can find something fun that will take your mind off it. Hope all goes well - You'll be in my thoughts for sure!
Sounds like you had a good day of food and music. :) I'll be sending lots of prayers for you. {{{{Sioux}}}}
judie said…
Drawings are great Mz Sioux! I will be thinking of you next week. Don't fret your pretty head about your aunt had it done and she is 97 years old. She had it done at 95, and used a walker for awhile, then a cane, now she is back on two feet. I am sending good, healing vibes your way. Tell Raf to give us updates while you are in hospital!
p.s. I think your drawings are great! I'd like to see the quilt you are making when it's finished. I also should have read more before commenting the first time....I see you will be in most of the week. Will be thinking of you and again, sending those healing vibes!
giggles said…
Sioux I really love the apple, it looks munchable...the leaves are really special too....I know you aren't happy with them....but they are really appealing.... vibrant in a unique way.
I can't wait to see the finished quilt, I hope you post it! That coat sounds fantastic too. I have a pile of old velour in beautiful colors and I want to make a long cloak type coat. I have been stalling….

Certainly hope your surgery goes well. Will say some prayers across the miles for you!
Take care… Hugs to you! Sherrie
Anonymous said…
Hey Sioux - sending many blessings, prayers and love for you upcoming surgery - hope all goes well - xox
JudiRedhead said…
Sioux, sending you prayers and hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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