Home again, home again, jigitjig!

Well, here are...traditionally our family gets together for the M-dub annual Veterans' Day celetration. Every year one of Carolyn's kids have performed in some capacity. This year Joey played taps...a realy honoe, and I understand from the rest of the family that he did an outstanding job. Joey is hoping to get into a Marine drum corps when he graduated in May.

The first photo shows Rafael and Chrisit (or baby) after we got home and began to relax...Raf took his shirt off. They are looking into our blueroom where I am sitting in my reclinger trying to RELAX...haven't yet. But that's me. I am my mother's daughter. One year her minister, John Wesley Ford, gave mother a newspaper article entitled, 100 Ways to Worry Scientifically.

The next photo is of my feet with the leg extension on...getting settled into my recliner.

This photo Christi and Carolyn listen as Rafael tells about Uncle John's poor condition. John lives in Nashville, and although they don't have an explaination, his health is really going down.

This is a larger part of our crew. In the back John Christian, Carolyn's oldest son; Kat our oldest daugher; Christi our baby, and Jennifer, Christi's daughter. Front row are Tim, Kat's son; Travis, Christi's son, and Dani, Kat's daughter.

I believe everyone had fun...now we are relaxing.

Love to you all, and thank you for all your prayers, love, soft hugs, fairies, and angels.


tinker said…
So glad you're home! Hope all goes well for you. Hang in there, Sioux - we're all rooting for you.

Pam Aries said…
Sioux..I am thinking of you! It is good to see you at home with your family! Hope you will son be at your wonderful art again! I have been poting wekly challenges that are Easy if you want to get in on it! Love and PeAcE! Pam Aries!
Pam Aries said…
My above pst has some mis-spellings...eeeek! I am having trouble with my keyboard! letters are skipping or something! Or is it really me!!! hahaha
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you are home and settled in.
judie said…
Good you are home Sioux. One can always heal better and more quickly around loving family. :)
So glad to see you surrounded with your family home and recouping. We are doing a GPS secret santa handmade ornament drawing...do you want your name in the hat? are you up for it? I will email you the details.

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