I'll try to answer questions:

  • I feel much better today...haven't gotten up, and I'm sure that will hurt, but I SLEPT 6+ hours...first sleep I had had.
  • I'm not home...won't go until Friday, probably...I lost most of yesterday because of having to have the blood.
  • Raf gave me an ipod and that's what helped me go to sleep...he bought it from a friend and it had lots of music on it...went to sleep to Deb Cowan and Ian and Sylvia.
  • I am taking all the pain meds they will give me...I just couldn't take any while I was have the blood, but it got ahead of me!!
  • Pain is much less today...probably will come back during pt.
  • Love those gentle hugs!!
  • Love to all of you!!


Anonymous said…
Sending more hugs to you Souix.
Prayers for a speedy recovery.
Hey Sioux!
Hope things get better soon.
Thoughts and prayers are yours.
JaKo said…
I hope you will be O.K. very soon ! My thoughs go to you.
Kai said…
BLESS YOU, healing prayers, healing thoughts and an angel to hold your hand..
gentle hugs and peace to your soul..
Anonymous said…
Sending you more ((((((Hugs))))). But gentle ones. Hope you are feeling better.
gently hugging you and wishing for you less and less pain! Ask the fairies if you need anything, they await your every command!
Shelina said…
I really like your quilt of many colors. It is so cheerful and colorful - sure to brighten anyone's day. Hope your day is bright andyou are recovering from your surgery successfully.
tinker said…
I haven't heard Ian and Sylvia in ages. Hang in there, Sioux - hope it gets a little (well actually hope it's a LOT!) easier and less painful for you everyday.

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