Fort Worth Diocesan Convention Over

The Diocesan Convention is over, and Resolutions 1 and 2 passed!!!

Resolution 1 (Seeking Alternative Primatial Oversight)
Clerical - For: 51 Against: 12 (2 not voting) 80%
Lay - For: 102 Against: 21 (1 abstention) 82%


Resolution 2
(Withdrawl from Province VII)
Clerical - For: 51 Against: 12 (2 not voting) 80%
Lay - For: 98 Against: 25 (3 abstentions) 79%


Resolution 3A has been passed in place of Resolution 3, with an ammendment.
This says:

Be it resolved that this 24th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth establish the following procedure for a parish to withdraw its membership from the Anglican Communion Network of Dioceses and Parishes:

Withdrawal may be effected by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of [ammendment: first the 2/3 majority of the vestry and then followed by a 2/3 majority vote of] the qualified voting members (as proscribed in Canon 26, Section 2 of the Diocesan Canons) of a parish at either an Annual Meeting of the parish or a special meeting of the parish as defined in Canon 26, Section 3. Due notice of such meeting shall be in accordance with Canon 26, Sections 1 and 3.

Resolution 4 has been substituted by Substitute Resolution 4.
It says:

Be is resolved that this 24th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth affirms and endorses Resolution 1:10, Lambeth 1998, affirmed by the Primates Meetings 2003, 2005, and further affirmed by the Winsdor Report, in its entirety and recognizes it to be the official teaching of the Anglican Communion on Human Sexuality.

It passed by clear majority.

Thanks be to God, and with gratitude to Bishop Iker, Canons Hough and Boyd, their staff, and all the delegates.

Here is Bishop Iker's Address to the Convention.


Susan said…
Not being either Episcopalian or from the area, I have no idea what this post is about. However, it is clear that you are happy with the results, so I'm glad for you. =)
I am from St. Vincent's Cathedral, and I too am very happy.

Thank you for your encouraging words on Katie Sherrod's blog.

- Andy

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