The Ficke Family

As I grew up my daddy, John Ficke, regaled me with stories of his growing up in the Texas panhandle. Second only to stories of his sisters, mother, and dad, were stories of his cousin, George H. Growing up I never met George Henry Ficke, although I knew his brother, Charles, who went into business with Daddy in several schemes...the one I remember most was raising parakeets.

Anyway, about 10 years ago someone sent me a email telling me that my cousin, George Ficke, would like to contact me. So, I did and he did, and the above photos show George, his sister Helen, his daughters Lynn and Margo, and his grandchildren.

We often visit Lynn when she's up this way, or we are in Georgetown, and we plan to visit George in the spring after this surgery is healed.

I am so thankful to the internet...I have found about 20 cousins!!


Neat!!! I like the way the girls' hairbows match the flowers. :)
Sue said…
Just stopping in to say thanks for visiting me and for your good wishes!
I'm eager to explore your blog when I have a bit more time. I'll be back!
Kai said…
Thats awesome, do you do a lot of genealogy? I think Ive been pruned from my family tree!! lol
Peace, Kai.
tinker said…
How fun to find more family members - the more the merrier!
Susan said…
What a great internet story. How exciting to find this man about whom you heard so many stories!

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