Deborah's Small Art Quilts, Designing a Series

I just received my copy of Deborah's book. She did such a good job. She tells all about it in her blog. I can't wait until I'm more up and at 'em, so that I can start sewing again, and journaling, and crafting, and quilting! This limbo period is the pits.

Can't tell you what a bath does for me, though! Wow, my day is brighter after each bath.

I am currently updating my church website for the month of December. That helps with the downs...thank God for the laptops!!

I just poured out all my current feelings about this holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Advent, in Loretta's blog. So if you want to know where I stand, you'll need to visit her comment section!

Last night my ear started really hurting. We called Home Health, to be told no doctor was reachable the day after Thanksgiving, and to go to the clinic at the hospital. I had only been in the car to come home from the hospital, but we drove out there. The clinic was closed, and the emergency room had a 4-hour wait until they could triage me! So we came home, call Dr. Davé's nurse, who called him. He called in some one's looked in the ear yet, but it is feeling better with the z-pack he perscribed.

We are asked to go to the Moline Ranch for lunch...don't think I am going, but Raf is. He wrote a song about the ranch and is taking them CD's. Then the Zombecks are coming by about 4. Tomorrow is Sunday...Raf will go to church. Monday Nancy and Bob are coming at noon and bringing food...of course that's when home health and pt come...but, we'll see.

This whole business....hummm...Monday will be three weeks. I go see Dr. Davé on the 19th, and then it should be a down hill run! We shall see.........................


Kai said…
sending you glittery healing and hugs, I hope your ear feels better.
Bright blessings for December!!
Peace, Kai
judie said…
Hang in there Mz. Sioux. Healing takes time but you will be much better off for it. Relax! Enjoy someone waiting on you for a change. :) it's your turn.
I am going to pile on some more glittery, shiny, helpful healing hugs and say thank you for visiting my blog.
very nice to meet you!
Here's to your ear getting better!
Susan said…
Here's hoping the earache clears up fast. I don't think there's anything I hate more than an earache. You just can't even think through that pain!

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